Shoebox welcomes volunteers of all ages to join in our activities and to play a role in developing ideas and practices. Volunteers can claim reasonable expenses (eg transport by bus within Tamworth). If we have events outside the central Tamworth area, transport will be provided. Performance training and practice is ongoing within the group(s), and volunteer and practitioner development sessions are held from time to time on specific skills (eg story sharing for those living with dementia; safeguarding etc.) Everyone within the Shoebox Theatre set-up gives feedback, offers new ideas and helps to make the company responsive to users and volunteer needs.

Volunteers who want to be more closely involved in decision-making can become full company directors/members.

WE ARE ACTIVELY SEEKING to fill the following roles

Volunteer Management

We would welcome new members, with an interest in community theatre, to join the management team of directors and with them help to plan projects, source and apply for funding; and work on the future development of the company. All directors of Shoebox Theatre are members of the company, and all members are directors (currently standing at 6). The directors are all volunteers. No financial input is required. There is no share capital. The directors meet each month to decide on future projects and activities, and oversee the company's finances. We are particularly looking for new members who have skills and experience in project management, book-keeping or fundraising, but those with a general interest in the arts would be welcome. Non-director volunteers and project group members are able attend meetings to offer feedback and advice and some who have done so in the past have gone on to become full members of the company. Although most current director/members are active participants in our performance and workshop activities, and help to raise funds at community events, these are not essential to this role.

For this role we are looking for someone with an interest and ability to:

1. help run the company to provide creative opportunities in the local community; the ability to work co-operatively with a diverse group of co-directors; an interest in promoting and developing the company to reach out to new groups;

2. bring in new ideas and help implement change where it is needed.

3. have specific skills such as meeting-related secretarial work and book-keeping. Preparing reports and returns to Companies House would be a bonus; but a willingness to learn these or similar through Support Staffordshire training courses would also be very welcome.

Interested? Contact us.

Community actor, storyteller and support

We are looking to recruit people of any adult age, with or without performance training and experience, who would enjoy taking a full part in the drama activities and at the same time support those in the group who have physical, mental or learning disabilities to be active participators, gain confidence and hone their skills. Anyone with filmmaking skills (with or without professional training) would have the opportunity to share their expertise with community participants, making film shorts. Everyone within the Shoebox Theatre setup gives feedback, offers new ideas and helps to make the company responsive to user needs.

This would be someone who is happy to work with others in a co-operative way; open to new ideas; accepting of difference and disability; able to relax and have fun. If the applicant feels s/he has the right qualifications for the role, we would welcome anyone who considers her/himself to have a disability. Interested? Contact us.

Stall and event assistant

We are looking to recruit people of any adult age who would enjoy helping us to raise funds from Tombola & other raffles and the sale of donated craft and other items, at car boot sales, occasional community events and other outlets in Tamworth and the local area. At the moment these are spread across the year. We work in pairs in two hour shifts, according to volunteer availability.

We hope to recruit someone who is happy to meet the public and to work with other Shoebox volunteers to raise funds to keep our community work going. This requires the basic facility to handle small amounts of money, check prices and give the right change. If the applicant feels s/he has the stamina for the role, we would welcome anyone who considers her/himself to have a disability. The role is also open to anyone with a learning disability who is able to undertake the basic training needed. There would always be one other responsible adult in support. If you think this is something you might like to do Contact us.