With Yann Lecun in our Group, NYU.

Recent News:

June 2021: Our work on "Mode Finding for SLC Distributions via Regularized Submodular Maximization" accepted in ICML 2021.

Apr 2021: Our paper "Deep Learning--based Text Classification: A Comprehensive Review" is published at ACM Computing Surveys.
Feb 2021: Our paper "Image Segmentation Using Deep Learning: A Survey " is published at IEEE PAMI.
July 2020: Our paper "Deep-covid: Predicting covid-19 from chest x-ray images using deep transfer learning" is accepted in, Medical Image Analysis.

Welcome to my personal webpage.

I recently joined Snap Inc, as a Machine Learning Lead.

I obtained my PhD degree from New York University (Joint ECE and Computer Science). I received my B.Sc degree from Sharif University of Technology.

During my PhD, I worked under supervision of professor Yao Wang, focusing on deep learning applications in computer vision, segmentation, biometric recognition, and NLP.

I also worked at Expedia Group, Samsung Research America, AT&T Research Labs, and Huawei Labs previously.

Here is the link to my Github: https://github.com/shervinmin

And here is my medium page (I mainly post ML tutorials there): https://medium.com/@shervin.minaee