With Yann Lecun in our Group, NYU.

Recent News:

Aug 2019:

New work on "Deep-Emotion: Facial Expression Recognition Using Attentional Convolutional Network" under review in Elsevier Pattern Recognition Journal.

March 2019:

Our paper "MTBI Identification From Diffusion MR Images Using Bag of Adversarial Visual Features" is accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging.

Jan 2019:

Our paper "An ADMM Approach to Masked Signal Decomposition Using Subspace Representation" is published in IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.

Welcome to my personal webpage.

I recently joined Expedia Group, as a data and AI scientist.

I obtained my PhD degree from New York University (Joint ECE and Computer Science). I received my B.Sc degree from Sharif University of Technology.

During my PhD, I worked under supervision of professor Yao Wang, focusing on deep learning applications in image classification and segmentation, and biometric recognition.

I also worked at Samsung Research America, AT&T Research Labs, and Huawei Labs as a research intern during Summers 2013-2017.

Here is the link to my Github: https://github.com/shervinmin

And here is my medium page (I mainly post ML tutorials there): https://medium.com/@shervin.minaee