Welcome to the website of the Sheppey Horticultural Society, Isle of Sheppey, Kent, UK.

Result of the annual 'Silver Spade' competition 2017
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It's sneaking up on us fast - get those entries in soon.
Once again, because of difficult growing conditions, entries will be accepted as late as Saturday morning. 
 54th Annual Flower & Vegetable Show 2017
This year the show will be held at Stones Garden Centre, Halfway Road, Sheerness 
(kind permission and sponsorship by Matthew Waghorn)
Saturday 26 August, opens after the show judging - no later than 2pm until 6pm
Sunday 27 August, opens at 9-30am. Presentations and auction of produce at 4pm

Admission 50p
Refreshments available

This is our main event of the year and every member of the Society is welcome to compete and show not only their fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants grown on the allotment or at home but also a chance to show off their skills at cookery, jam or pickle making and flower arranging as well as their expertise in photography and handicrafts. Exhibits are properly judged by accredited experts.

Entry forms are available in both our shops.
Forms should be completed as soon as possible and returned to Mr Brian Williams, Show Secretary, no later than 5pm on the Wednesday (23rd August) before the Show.
The many varied classes for exhibitions provide the perfect opportunity for both allotment holders and all our home garden members to get involved in the show.

About the Sheppey Horticultural Society.
Sheppey Horticultural Society is long established on the island and has been running for well over 50 years. We manage two sites in Sheerness - at Medway Road where there are 100 plus allotments and at Richmond Street/Nursery Close where there are about 90 plots. There are currently about 220 members of the Society.

Allotments are a great place to grow your own vegetables, fruit and flowers. "Allotmenteering" is also a great form of exercise where you and your family can spend a few hours a week enjoying some fresh air, shedding those extra calories as well as eating fresh produce.

We offer members the use of machine tools to help prepare and cultivate their plot, and there are shops on both sites (open on Sunday mornings 9am to 12 midday) which sell a wide selection of seeds, seed potatoes, composts, fertilizers, canes, pots and trays, and many other products to help cultivate an allotment or garden

We think our rents offer great value for money so for more information about rents and availability of plots visit our 'GET INVOLVED' page.

You don't have to rent an allotment to be a member of the Society. Home gardening members can also benefit from the advantageous rates that we offer in our shops. Membership also entitles you to enter our annual show. 
Website and Email
To keep you in contact with the Society's website and committee we have produced business cards with details of the Society. The cards are available from both site shops. Keep one handy if you want to keep up to date with Society news.
For those of you who use social media there is an active facebook page.

Tips and hints for your allotment or vegetable garden - listen to BRFM's Daniels Monday Night Community Show.
To hear past interviews between Daniel and the Sheppey Horticutural Society, type into your browser = Daniel BRFM and Sheppey Horticultural Society.


Disclaimer / Cautionary Note

We never deal with financial transactions on this website. 
Ignore or delete immediately any requests or emails appearing to be from this site asking for payment of any kind. If this happens repeatedly, please contact sheppeyhorticulturalsociety@gmail.co.uk