Sheena Murray is an Assistant Professor at Curry College, a liberal arts school in the suburbs of Boston MA.  Originally from California, she earned her BA in Economics with a minor in Political Science in 2007.  She attended graduate school at the University of Colorado Boulder, and earned her PhD in 2014.  Sheena's dedication to teaching and research were recognized in graduate school by the awarding of the: Reuben Zubrow Fellowship for an unusual commitment to teaching and research, the Leslie Whittington Fellowship for excellence in economics, and the Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Award.  

 Sheena specializes in labor and applied econometrics, with a focus on household decisions and economic demography.  Chapters from her dissertation, An Empirical Exploration of the Determinants of Divorce, have been published in Economics Bulletin and are currently under review at the Demography. Additionally, she worked on weather induced migration and has a publication in the International Migration Review. Current projects include work on how broadband access affects marriage and divorce, the pro-cyclicality of divorce, and a joint project on how conditions in graduate school can affect lifetime co-authorship rates.

  At Curry College she works in a Business Department, and focuses on teaching Introduction to Micro and Macro, and Introduction to Econometrics.  Her commitment to teaching has been recognized by the students whom have nominated her twice for outstanding mentorship.  She has furthered the department's support system for students through service projects and time spent working with the Math and Statistics Department to build Business Major specific courses, and student resources.

 Professor Murray will be attending the Eastern Economic Association Conference in March 2018, and the Southern Economic Association Conference in November 2018. 

Contact Information:

Email:  sheena.murray@curry.edu
Office Number:  AAPC 214B

Address:  Curry College

                Management department