Below you will see some work that I have been commissioned to carve. I have selected pieces for each category of work such as Lovespoons and In-the-Round carvings. Please understand that they have been commissioned and are included to show the variety and range of work that I undertake and I would appreciate it if these designs are appreciated for their aesthectic appeal and, therefore, are not copied.

In this section you will see a wide variety of my designs. I have been fortunate in having some very prestigious commissions. The spoon on the left was made to commission for Dr. Rowan Williams' enthronement as Archbishop of Canterbury. The spoon with the crest was commissioned for a Councillor who had achieved 30 years service to his Council. The end one was commissioned by Norman Stevens, an American private Collector of contemporary spoons. I met him in Hartford, Conneticutt and he commissioned Mother Goose as he is also a Collector of chilren's memorabilia. Norman has now published a book of some of his Collection (entitled 'A Gathering of Spoons') and Mother Goose appears in that.

This spoon was commissioned for a more traditional way of proposing to his girlfriend.

I'm pleased to say she accepted and was thrilled with the spoon.

This lovespoon was carved for my good friend Val Edwards to give as a Wedding gift for her Nephew and his Bride who live in Australia.

It incorporates Wales (Dragon & Daffodil) as well as Australia as can be seen in the Wattle (national flower of Australia) and the Koala

The middle spoon in this section was commissioned and presented to Rhodri Morgan when he was First Minister for Wales.

There is a lot of detail in this relatively small spoon.

The boxed spoon was commissioned and presented to Prince Edward for Lady Louise.

The first two on this row were commissioned by the families of Harry Dennis and Lyn Thomas - two good friends and students - as a surprise 'special birthday' gift for each of them.

All my commissioned work is difficult to 'hand-over' when it is finished as I put so much of myself into them, but, I paricularly found it hard to part with

    • The Councillor spoon, the Rose spoon and the Mother Goose spoon (first row of spoons);

    • Also the spoon with the columns and celtic knotwork on the 2nd row

    • The spoon carved for Prince Edward.


The size of the dragon is 48" x 30" x 15" and was commissioned by Anthony Christopher of Pen-y-Cae Inn, Pen-y-Cae, Swansea Valley.

Below are 2 statues carved for St. David's Church, Caldey Island, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

The original statues were riddled with woodworm and had to be replaced like for like. They had to be painted so I have used bright acrylic colours. I have shown below the carvings before painting and after painting.

As I am not an artist the painting proved a huge challenge for me.

The size of the grapes was 18" x 13" x 12" and the Honours Board "approx. 46" x 38" x 3.5".

The pineapple on the ring was approx. 1.5" in height.

Relief Carvings

The following two panels are the current and previous Vice Chancellors of the University of Nottingham.