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Shamrock Acres offers group beginner's classes for you and your dog.Puppies need to be at least 12 weeks old and all dogs need to be up to date on their shots to attend. Each class has 10-12 students with two instructors to make sure that each student receives all of the instruction needed to be successful. These classes meet once a week for an hour, 7 weeks total. The cost is $100.70 for the 7 weeks. The following is taught during our 7 week class:

  1. Heeling - Teaching you dog to walk on a leash and not pull is one of the primary exercises taught during this class. Teaching the dog to learn to pay attention thru the use of positive reinforcement (treats & verbal praise) will help him learn not to pull and at the same time enjoy his walks. Being a group class , learning to walk with and pass other dogs is helpful in preparing you and your dog for lots of long walks in the neighborhood or park. A variety of different heeling exercises are taught during the 7 weeks to keep this exercise fun and challenging.
  2. Sit & Down Stay - Stays are basically listening exercises teaching the dog to pay attention and sit/down stay until you return to them. Stays are taught for 1 minute each.
  3. Recalls - Getting our dogs to come when called is probably one of the most frustrating yet life saving exercises we can teach them. These are taught off lead with emphasis on praising the dog every time he comes. Again, because this is a group class he learns to come to you and not stop and visit with everyone else.

Other problems you might be having with your dog will be covered as the class progresses. Jumping up, barking, & chewing on the lead can all be worked on once we have met you and your dog.

Our goal is to make you feel confident when working with your dog. Understanding him better and having FUN is an important part of this class.

Additional advanced classes will be available upon completion of this class for those wanting to continue on with their dogs training.