About Poet


 Haqeem Mirza Jogi Allah Yaar Khan was a sufi shaayar.

He wrote Shaheedan-e-Wafa, which is a great poetic work on the martyrdom of Young sahibzadey of Guru Gobind Singh Ji

He was born in 1870AD and the work was published in 1913AD. 

His ancestors were from Deccan, but he was settled in Anarkali, Lahore.

He used to wear royal Achkan n Salwar, was tall, strong built, small moustache and khaskhasi beard. All in all looked like an Iranian mir.

He was well versed in Persian, Urdu and Hindi.

He was a known figure in Sikh circles.

He himself used to sing Shaheedan-e-wafa poem that he had written in mixed language on different occasions at Chamkaur Sahib, Nankana Sahib, Sirhind etc during Jor-Melas. He moved the crowds with his oratory skills.

His two works Shaheedan-e-Wafa and Ganj-e-Shaheedan were famous as 'marasiyan de band' and were very much popular in Punjab.