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This webpage has been made to share with Sikhs all over the world, the praise sung on the matryrdom of two young Sahibzadey of Guru Gobind Singh, by Poet Haqeem Mirza Jogi Allah Yaar Khan

Bhai ZORAWAR SINGH (1696-1705), the third son of Guru Gobind Singh, was born to Mata Jito ji at Anandpur on 28 November 1696 and was barely nine years old at the time of the evacuation of Anandpur on the night of 5-6 December 1705. Since the death, on 5 December 1700, of Mata Jito ji, Mata Gujari, his grandmother had been especially attached to young Zorawar Singh and his infant brother, Fateh Singh. She took charge of both as the column moved out of Anandpur.

Bhai FATEH SINGH (1699-1705), the youngest of Guru Gobind Singh's four sons, was born to Mata Jito ji at Anandpur on 12 December 1699. After the death of his mother, on 5 December 1700, he was brought up under the care of his grandmother, Mata Gujari Kaur ji, with whom he remained till the last. On 26 December 1705, he was martyred at Sirhind along with his elder brother, Zorawar Singh. He is probably the youngest recorded martyr in history who knowingly laid down his life at the very tender age of 5 years. Sahibzada Fateh Singh and his older brother, Sahibzada Zorawar Singh are among the most hallowed martyrs in Sikhism.

Bricks where Baba Zorawar Singh Ji (Aged 9 years) and Baba Fateh Singh Ji (Aged 7 years) were bricked alive to martyrdom.

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