Learning adventures of a teacher

What challenges do teachers face in the 21st century?

A fast-paced society of constant change where learning is a daily feature in our lives... And our students?

How are we supposed to prepare them for life-long learning?

Contents, Methodology, Technology, Society demands, Students' interests and needs, Values in crisis, Social networking, ... How do we combine these ingredients to make tasty, customized and thus meaningful learning experiences?

My favorite way is active engagement through inquiry: learning by answering those questions one finds inspiring, thought-provoking and craving for more...Along with collaborating with others and reflection.

Is school about how to make a living or how to make a life?

(Neil Postman in the End of Education)

The society of information access/excess we have been living in for years is putting forth new questions...Is it the society of knowledge we are aiming at or the society of self-knowledge to try to deal with it for a common benefit?

My teaching philosophy is comprised in a few sentences. Have a look!