We are looking for passionate and talented students interested in computational modeling and theory. Please contact Prof Ryu via ryush@kaist.ac.kr. We have two openings now for Masters Program.

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Research Overview and Highlight

Our research focuses are to understand fundamental mechanisms that determine the strength and assembly of materials across multiple scales,
and to apply the understanding to the design of mechanically reliable devices.

The current research subjects include

Highly stretchable sensors based on nanowire/nanoparticle/nanotube-elastomer composites
Engineering surface morphology for the control of wetting and adhesion properties
Irradiation effect on the mechanical properties of metallic glass and metal-graphene composites
Strength of graphene and graphene-composites
Effect of microstructure on mechanical properties of steel
Interfacial thermal resistance
Crystal growth simulation via phase field modeling
Atomistic and line-tension modeling of dislocation mechanics
Micromechanics/molecular-dynamics multiscale study of polymer-nanomaterials composites
Finite element method (FEM) simulation with commercial packages

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