Work in progress:

  • Empirical Productivity Distributions and International Trade (with Peter Egger and Katharina Erhardt), January 2019, Draft coming soon!
  • Highways and Globalization: The Role of Domestic Trade Costs in Regional Development (with Taylor Jaworski and Carl Kitchens), August 2019, Draft coming soon!

Working papers:

Publications/Accepted papers:

Chapters in Books:

Effects of deep versus shallow trade agreements in general equilibrium (with Peter Egger) in "Trade Cooperation: The Purpose, Design and Effects of Preferential Trade Agreements" edited by Andreas Duer and Manfred Elsig, Cambridge University Press, 2015.

Green Parties, Environmental Taxation and Trade (with Peter Egger) in "Political Economy and Instruments of Environmental Politics" edited by Andrea Kollmann, Johannes Reichl and Friedrich Schneider, MIT Press, 2015.

Older Papers:

Asymmetric Trade Costs, Trade Imbalances, and the World Income Distribution (with Peter Egger) (This version, September 2012), previously circulated under "International Trade and Income Differences: Re-examination.

The Copenhagen Accord: On Required Implicit Carbon Tax Rates and Their Economic Consequences (with Peter Egger) (This version November, 2012).