Affordable Housing

Many levels of housing are necessary to address the shortage of affordable housing in Nevada County. Affordable housing is a necessary requirement for ending homelessness.

There are four affordable housing efforts. Community Real Estate Network and Homeward Bound University are addressed separately on this website.

Accessory Dwelling Units are second units placed on already developed property. If mitigation fees are waived in exchange for the owner agreeing to a deed restriction requiring a formula to maintain affordable rent, the cost could be kept low.

2.43 Acre W Broad multifamily property: To be developed as affordable workforce housing.

Foothold House plans have been an will be made available without charge at the Nevada County Building Department.

The foothold house is a very simple and inexpensive CA Residential code compliant house that can be placed on a property and rented either as a primary residence or a secondary residence. The Foothold 500 can be converted to a garage and the Foothold 432 can be built on a manufacturing site and transported on a trailer to its permanent location.