Letter in Science

Billings Senior High School

Academic Letter in Science

280 Total Points Required

Students will earn a letter/pin/award/recognition in science if they can attain 280 total points based upon the following achievements and upon participation in school-related activities that have been pre-approved by the Billings Senior High STEM Society and Administrative team.

Points for Classroom Grades:

Science coursework (per semester)

A 40 points

B 40 points

C 30 points

D 20 points

Points for STEM Society/School-approved Science Activities:

**REQUIRED - 4 years of science coursework at Senior High

**REQUIRED - at least 10 points must come from extracurricular activities

Example point scenarios:

-Stem Society Meetings………………………....1 point per hour

-Science Fair………………………………...…....1 point per hour (documentation req’d)

-Science Magic Shows (elementary schools)....1 point per hour

...other opportunities include Girls in Science, College Student Shadow days, STEM Saturdays, STEM society leadership council, Science Olympiad, Science bowl, Rocky Mtn College & Exxon/Mobil research experiences.

Awarding Process

Students would be eligible to receive their award during the first six weeks of their Senior year, but we will also make awards available during the first six and last six weeks of second semester for students who have not earned enough points as of the first semester of their senior year.  Below are several scenarios we envision.

Points accounting

  • Advisors will create an official spreadsheet

  • STEM Society Executive Board will keep track of attendance at events

  • Official accounting will be taken care of by Advisors

Second Letter in Science - 12th Grade Only

You may earn a second Letter in Science (a bar to accompany your pin, not another chenille letter) if you meet the following requirements:

  1. You lettered as a Junior

  2. You take at least one science course at Senior High your senior year

  3. You earn 40 STEM Society points as a senior

  4. At least 5 points must come from extracurricular activities in your senior year