Sirigu Ecological Initiative for Sustainable Development
Seeking to improve outcomes for farmers in Upper East Ghana.


The Sirigu Ecological Initiative for Sustainable Development (SEISUD) is a non-profit Non Governmental Organization (NGO) established in 2007 in Sirigu in the Upper East Region of Ghana. It seeks to train rural farmers in improved farming methods, based on organic approaches, to enable them to increase food production within very deprived communities.

Since its inception, SEISUD has facilitated the formation of twenty (20) Farmer groups in sixteen (16) communities with a total membership of two hundred and forty (240), with women making up 60% of the members.

It is a registered NGO under the Registered General Department and also with the Department of Social Welfare for NGO status in 2010. The main goal of the organization is to promote organic farming as a means to sustainable development for the rural area.

Farmer group meeting


SEISUD is committed to promoting organic farming as an environmentally friendly approach to sustainable food production and security. We do this through training of small scale farmers in organic farming methods using participatory approaches while linking up with other partners, collaborators and donors.


SEISUD's vision is to achieve a suitable information environment of young men and women empowered with knowledge and skills in organic farming and improvement in education for school children for sustainable livelihood among the rural poor.


  • Ghana Institute of Organic Farming (GIOF): GIOF was established to carry out a portion of the educational mission of SEISUD. It's missions includes tertiary education (with diploma award) for agricultural students, certificate awards for shorter study periods, and an extension training program to engage with local farmers adopt organic farming practices to improve their lot.
  • Future Farmers Rural Programme (FFRP): The FFRP programme involves the creation of small local farmers' groups, which then work to address problems in the communities. The groups receive training and support from SEISUD.
  • Garden-based Organic Agriculture for School Environment (GOASE): GOASE involves placing organic garden plots in local schools, to supplement existing school-feeding programmes with locally grown vegetables. Students and teachers take over the management of the gardens after initial trainings from SEISUD.
  • Animal Traction Technology Programme (ATTP): ATTP seeks to improve the techniques required by farmers who owe bullocks for traction. Farmer's groups are formed and receive training from SEISUD.
  • Natural Resource Management (NRM): SEISUD is working to address local and global effects of climate change through a tree planting program. It has its own viable tree nursery.