Frank Thomas Seifried


Professor for Probability Theory

    Department IV - Mathematics
    University of Trier

    Scientific Advisor for Fraunhofer ITWM Research Institute

    Principal Investigator in DFG Research Training Group 2126 (ALOP)

Research Interests

    Mathematical Finance, Stochastic Processes, Stochastic Control, Utility Theory

Conferences & Events

    Program Maths Ambassadors (Mathematik-Botschafter)

    International Workshop Stochastic Models and Control 2017

uantitative Finance Symposium QFQP++ 2015, QFQP++ 2016 and QFQP++ 2017

    International Workshop Stochastic Models and Control 2015

Contact Details

    e-mail:  {my surname}
    office:  E130 (+49 651 201 3486)
    administrative assistant:  Doris Karpa,  E113 (+49 651 201 3473)