If God so Loved the World... Why are so Many People Going to Hell?  Traditional Christian teachings consign 80% or more of humanity straight to eternal torture in an ever-burning “hell” when they die.  Is this really the action of a just and merciful God?

Life & Death (part 1) — The Fundamentals  An ongoing study comparing Biblical precepts regarding life and death with traditionally held mainstream beliefs.

Life & Death (part 2) — Addressing Common “Prooftexts”  Including the "immortality of the soul" doctrine & "absent from the body, present with the Lord".

Life & Death (part 3) - Lazarus and the Rich Man  Investigating the 5-part parable series in Luke 15 & 16 which leads up to this most often misunderstood parable.

Unpardonable Sin  What is it really and how can we know whether or not we have committed it?

Would God’s Holy Spirit Act Against God’s Word?  A helpful first step in discerning spirits.

Was Christ Forsaken by the Father?  Did God Really Forsake Jesus During the Crucifixion? This deep study focuses upon an often misunderstood precept.

Judgement  When is it just to judge? Exploring discernment regarding just vs. unjust judgement and its various meanings.

Repentance & Forgiveness  Addressing what appears most important to God in examining ourselves daily, and especially as Passover approaches.

God's Will  (An Interactive Study)  What is “God’s will”?  The answer appears to be multi-faceted and worthy of exploration.

Heavenly Ambassadors  What does it mean to be Heavenly Ambassadors and what kingdom are we supposed to represent as Christians?

Women's Role in the Church - DRAFT  Revealing truth regarding one of the most controversial issues in the Church.

Civil Road to Tyranny  History and intent of the song, "Battle Hymn of the Republic", and the history of how post-Civil War America gradually turned away from God while usurping our Creator-given Natural Rights.

Independence Day 2022  Exploring the Biblical principles upon which the concepts of independence and liberty are derived.

Appearance of Evil & Commandment Five  Exploring the importance of both avoiding even the appearance of evil and practicing commandment five.

Overcoming Fear With Agape Love  Addressing the use of fear to manipulate the masses into cowering to mainstream narratives, even when deceit or absurdity is plainly obvious.

Overcoming Anxiety & Depression  A short study covering various scriptures to help overcome anxiety & depression.

Loving One’s Neighbor As Oneself  This subject of loving one’s neighbor as oneself is of paramount importance for our spiritual growth, and has an incredibly wide scope which is directly related to nearly all areas of Biblical doctrine.

Love Your Enemies  How Christians can save the church from the culture of contempt which has become commonplace in today's society.

Sharpening Swords  A helpful reminder in preparation for interactive Bible study.

Become Like Children  What does it mean to "become like children"?

YHWH ~ Breath/Spirit  Is our physical breath somehow related to the realm of the spiritual?  Might “YHWH” somehow equate to breath and/or spirit?  If so, might this reveal greater understanding regarding the name(s) of God?

Prayer  Perhaps one of the most neglected disciplines among Christianity, this study addresses methods of developing more effective prayer.

Speaking in Tongues  A short study into the Biblical example of "speaking in tongues".

Seals One ~ Four • The Four Horsemen  Focusing in on seals one through four from the millennial day perspective.

Seals Five ~ Seven  Focusing in on seals five through seven from the millennial day perspective.

Witness of the Stars  The plan of God in the heavens, by E. W. Bullinger 1893

Memorial Day Remembrance  An American holiday Christians should honor and carefully consider.

Where Are We In the Messianic Timeline?  How close might the second coming of Jesus Christ, Yahshua Messiah, be?

Synagogue of satan — the Truth  As Middle East conflicts increase, some Christians claim "Jews" are a synagogue of satan due to gross misunderstandings of scripture found in Revelation 2 & 3.

Jesus Is Our Rock  Examining who the Bible exemplifies as being the chief cornerstone of the New Covenant church.

Annual Appointed Times

Passover Simplified  A simplified perspective of Passover... for a change!

Passover - From Old To New Covenant ∞ Intro  Introduction to the three part study.

Passover - From Old To New Covenant I ∞ Physical Exodus  Focusing upon Moses' accounts with Pharaoh and the ten plagues.

Passover - From Old To New Covenant II ∞ Spiritual Exodus  Focusing upon the difference between the Old & New Covenant Passover.

Passover - From Old To New Covenant III ∞ Crucifixion to Resurrection  Focusing upon events throughout Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.

Counting of Pentecost  Discerning the Biblical formula for determining the Feast of Weeks.

Day of Atonement - A deeper look into this often misunderstood annual holy day, considering both old and new covenants , as well as discernment regarding the two goats.

Second Resurrection & Last Great Day  Exploring the purpose of the second resurrection and Last Great Day.

Second Resurrection & Last Great Day (Romans 9-11)  Exploring the purpose of the second resurrection and Last Great Day with emphasis on Romans 9-11.