The Shruti performance is really about the audience who grace us with their presence by buying tickets and supporting the non-profits we partner with. Here are some testimonials from some of our regulars who have attended our shows over the years. Thank you for sharing!
Shahana Dattagupta: "I moved to Seattle in 2000, and Shruti's CRY show was the first I heard in the area in about 2001. Being physically far from my esteemed Gurus and gurubandhu on the east coast, I can surely say that (even though it is classical music that holds my deepest interest), Shruti's IMD is what made me want to sing in Seattle, and even more importantly, make music with others in the area. I look forward to hearing the band perform on May 3. Thanks for the long years of fun and hard work in support of music, community and children."
Mohit Chitnis: "Whenever Shruti puts their show in Seattle I always try my hardest to attend it. For Bollywood music lovers like me it is a great entertaining event. They have very good singers, band and more importantly I always like their selection of songs. Every time I attended Shruti event I walked out with a great pleasure. I hope they will keep entertaining Seattle's Bollywood music lovers....Special mention of Shruti's singer Prasanna Ganpule. He is a very versatile, seasoned, trained singer. From a semi-classical hit to very modern western song he excels in all the songs."
If you want to share memories or thoughts about your experiences attending our show, please send us email at info@shrutiseattle.org.