Extended Essay


What is the EE?  The extended essay is an in-depth investigation into a topic of choice for each student enrolled in the IB Diploma Programme.

What is the purpose of the EE?  The extended essay gives each student an opportunity to learn and practice both research skills and writing skills based on a focused question.  Such research and writing provide the foundation for post-secondary research activities.

How do I choose a topic?  Students are not limited to choosing a topic from the six courses in which they are enrolled, but may choose a topic from any area of interest.  Students are encouraged to choose a topic both that interests them and from an area in which they are familiar in order to succeed in this endeavour.

How long does it have to be?  The extended essay is to be a maximum of 4000 words.  This does not include the abstract, the bibliography or any footnotes/endnotes that are made in the essay.

How much time should it take?  The extended essay is intended to take approximately 40 hours from start to finish.  The process begins in January of the first year and ends in November of the second year of the program of study.

What sort of guidance will I have from the school?  Each student will select an extended essay supervisor from the school staff.  This supervisor should be someone who either has a background in the research area or an avid interest in this area.  The student will meet with this supervisor on a regular basis throughout the research and draft writing process.  In addition, each student will receive an Extended Essay Guide to give them some basic guidelines on writing the extended essay.  Please click on the attachment link below for a copy of the Extended Essay Student Guide.

Where should I begin with my research?  You can begin your research in our school library with books and journals.  The internet is also a good source of material.  Each student enrolled in the Diploma Programme will be issued a student card for Simon Fraser University’s library system to give them a wide variety of sources from which to draw their research.

How can I make sure I am staying on track to finish on time?  Students and their supervisors will meet on a regular basis and there are set deadlines for four drafts of the extended essay that must be submitted.  The deadlines are outlined in the Extended Essay guide issued to both students and supervisors.  In addition, students keep and Extended Essay log in which to record the results of meetings with their supervisors and any advice that is given in those meetings.  A mid-way progress report is submitted to the Extended Essay Coordinator by the EE supervisor for each student. 

When is the EE due? The final copy of the Extended Essay is due in the first week of November in the second year of the IB Diploma Programme (grade 12 year).
For further questions about the Extended Essay, contact your EE/DP Coordinator Ms. Matthews at dmatthews@deltasd.bc.ca
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