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This diagram helps me adjust my sights on the line Ultra Dot Adjustment Guide (doc)

Ultra-Dot Adjustment Guide (pdf)

Decimal scoring gage for international targets Decimal Scoring Gauge (pdf)

Camp Perry Packing List CampPerryPackingList20151112.xls

Camp Perry Wisdom Camp Perry Wisdom

Camp Perry Results for 1986 - 2007 Camp Perry Results

Camp Perry Super Grand Aggregate Pistol Championships Unofficial Camp Perry Super Grand Agg

Sustained Fire Drills MP3s (commands, shooting drills)

Smokeless Powder Burn Rate Table Smokeless Powder Burn Rates

Shooting Notebook / Journal / Diary Info Shooting_Journal_Ideas (.zip)

Score Cards I use at Camp Perry Camp Perry Score Cards (pdf 49k)

Score Cards I use for 2700's and NMC's 2700 Score Card (pdf 9k)

editable 2700 Score Cards (xlsx 26k)

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