Fees 2018
Our fees are small in comparison to how much we offer: 

Please read the entire page from top to bottom.

There is a $20 non refundable deposit for any week(s) cancelled/unattended. 

Payments are due prior to the first day of the first session that your child attends. The fee is based on early enrollment. Not the Monday camp start dates. If not paid in full prior to the child's start date(s) there is an additional $10 fee per child.

There is not a prorated rate if child does not attend any/all days of a camp session or if child only attends a portion of each full day. Price is per week regardless of how many days/how long a child attends or whether child attends field trip or not. 

Acceptable forms of payment are cash for the EXACT amount, credit/debit card, and checks with proper identification. There is an additional fee for any and all debit/credit card transactions. We do not allow drop ins nor do we prorate weeks or combine partial weeks. All fees are on a weekly camp basis highlighted below and cannot be combined.




1 and 3

June 25 - June 29

July 9 - July 13

Regular Camp: $210/week

Sibling Rate: $178/week


July 2 - 3

(Closed July 4 -6)

Regular Camp: $80/week

Sibling Rate: $68/week  

4 and 6

July 16 - 20

July 30 - Aug 3

Regular Camp: $200/week

Sibling Rate: $170/week  


July 23 - 27

Regular Camp: $225/week

Sibling Rate: $191/week  

Late Fees: 
If child is not paid in full prior to the Monday start date of camp there is an additional $10 per child fee added to the cost of camp. 

There is a $10 fee due at time of pick up for any children picked up after 4:00 p.m. up to 15 minutes after closing time of 4:00 p.m. After 15 minutes there is an additional $1/minute fee added on that is due at the time of pick up. 

If fee is not paid at time of pick up your child may not be able to attend the additional camp days in that session. If late pick up on Friday occurs child may not attend the next session until late fee is paid in full.

Any participants and or Junior Counselors that are continuously picked up late will be subject to removal of the program. 

Returned Checks:
Any returned checks must be replaced immediately with cash, money order, or credit card plus a $25 service fee. 

Kidz Kampz understands that things come up and people need to change plans. We pay our staff and purchase supplies/equipment based on enrollment along with admission to pool and field trips prior to the start of camp. If you choose to cancel prior to the start of your child's first day you will receive 100% refund (minus the deposit) If you choose to cancel your enrollment on the first day of camp you will receive 75% refund minus deposit. If you choose to cancel your enrollment on the second day you will receive 50% refund minus the deposit. If you request refund after the second day you will not receive a refund.