Pull attachment(s) from a column in the sheet

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If you want to send a different attachment to each email recipient, you can upload your attachments (eg. PDFs) to Google Drive and add the URL of each attachment in a column of your sheet. YAMM will get the files from your Google Drive and send a copy as attachment of the email sent.

Step-by-step instructions to include attachments in your email

Step 1: Upload your files to Google Drive

Step 2: Get the URL of each file, and paste the URL in a column named 'Attachment' in your sheet

Step 3: When starting a new mail merge, check the box to ask YAMM to use this 'Attachment' column.

Each recipient will receive the right attachment based on the URL you have added on each row.

If you want to attach multiple attachments to each email sent, simply put multiple links in the same cell of your sheet, separated by commas.

How many emails with attachments can I send each day?

For free users, your quota is 100 emails with attachments / 24 hours the first month following the installation of YAMM on your account, then 50 emails with attachments / 24 hours.

For paid users, your quota is 1,500 emails with attachments / 24 hours if you are using a Google Apps account.
If you have a Gmail account, due to restrictions from Google side, your quota will drop to 100 emails with attachments / 24 hours even if you are under a paid plan which basically lets you to send up to 400 emails / 24 hours.