Terms of Use

As a reminder, here are Google own terms of service for End Users Using Add-ons

End Users may use and import Scripts or Add-ons created by third parties, including Google. Scripts and Add-ons are the sole responsibility of the entity that makes it available. Google makes no representations about the performance, quality, content, or continued availability of any Script or Add-on.

Google does not promise that any Script or Add-on will work for your purposes, or that it is free from viruses, bugs, or other defects. Scripts and Add-ons are provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind. Google provides no express warranties, guarantees and conditions with regard to the Scripts and Add-ons. To the extent permitted under applicable law, Google excludes the implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, workmanlike effort, title and non-infringement.

Scripts and Add-ons are subject to change at any time. Using or importing any Script or Add-ons is at your own risk. You should only run the script if you trust the developer of the Script or Add-on, as you are solely responsible for any compromise or loss of data that may result from using this Script or Add-on.

User Privacy

  • All the scopes which ask for access to your Drive are necessary, and are only used to run Form Publisher's processes. 
  • While we do not share or collect data from the submitted form or created Doc or Spreadsheet, we use Google Analytics to review the title of the created Doc, in order to understand how Form Publisher is used.
  • We do not collect the email address of the respondent to a Form, but we collect the email address of the administrator who has set up Form Publisher. This way we can know how many files you have created.
  • Form Publisher sends email notifications when a doc is created as you. We do not send email to anyone else than the person you enter in the settings.
  • As Form Publisher is triggered every time a user submits a Form, the script is run when you are not present.