What's Form Publisher for? Form Publisher lets you generate files to present your data in a more suitable way, facilitating analysis, sharing and presentation. Upon each new form submission, the add-on Form Publisher is triggered, gets a template you have previously selected from Google Drive, makes a copy of it and replaces specific markers in this template by the answers submitted in the form.

The free version lets you create up to 100 files every month.

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10K+ files are created each day through Form Publisher!


Up to 100 files
every month
For 1 Google account
Available to everyone
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Individual Premium

per year
Unlimited files generation
For 1 Google account
Technical support by email

Business Premium

per year
Unlimited files generation
Unlimited number of users on your domain
Technical support by email
For domains using
Google Apps

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"So far - AWESOME!!! I've done some simple test runs of this and it hasn't missed a trick. It is just what I needed for a workflow problem I had at work."
"This is one of the most useful tools I had the opportunity to work with in Google Apps. Using it, we succeded in automating most of our documentation process."
"Very valuable add-on, especially for entrepreneurs concerned about maintaining data records of their productions and about offering information about the material they need."
"Great tool. We use it every day to create documents with a professional look."