Add Reminders for Google Sheets

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Set up and organize email reminders from a Spreadsheet

List tasks in a Google Sheet and send automatic email notifications to any recipient before or after a task is due.

When sticky notes don’t do the trick anymore, be it at home or at work, it can be very useful to manage a task list on a Google Spreadsheet. Especially if the to do list is used collaboratively. Adding Reminders can be set up in just two minutes to help you manage your list with reminders.

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An intuitive add-on to improve productivity

Add Reminders gives you the opportunity to really manage your workflow and be more efficient: no need to keep an eye on the calendar or send reminders to colleagues by yourself: the add-on notifies you and collaborators of tasks before (or even after) they are due.

Just schedule when you want the email notifications to be sent. You have many choices: it can be months, weeks, days or hours before / after each deadline.

Notify recipients of scheduled tasks

The email notifications are easy to set up. You can just notify yourself, and it is also possible to notify several recipients. They will automatically receive the email notifications when the time is due, containing information about the tasks and direct access to the spreadsheet, to facilitate collaborative work.

How can Add Reminders be used?

In your personal life

Send reminders to pay bills before a specific deadline

In your collaborative blog, send reminders about a list of videos / articles to publish at a specific date by specific people

Receive a reminder about an appointement, a package to pick up, books to return to the library, ...

When preparing a trip in advance: get a reminder the day before ticket sales open for a plane, a train…

At work

Schedule reminders for coworkers to contact clients X days after their payment deadline is overdue

On the day after each meeting, send automatic reminders to coworkers to write reports

When working on a collaborative project, send reminders about tasks to accomplish before or after specific stepping stones.

Send reminders to employees or members of an association when it’s time to renew annual fees


Send reminders to a whole class when papers are due in a few days

Send reminders to parents a week before each teacher / parent meetings or any other important event at school

Annette Gasser 2014-10-29 
"Great to see this Add-on available. I have been using Romain's Script to add reminders to my multiple spreadsheets for the last couple of years. It has helped me to be more efficient in my work, saving me many hours. Very happy that I can now use it as an Add-on."
Murray Tymms 2015-03-14 
"Great for the company annual renewal spreadsheet... Can send different emails to different company personnel, awesome! Would love an option to set it to send reminder every year - 5 Stars then!"
Kervan Admin 2014-11-15 
"Perfect apps for those who use speadsheets for business. Thank you Romain."
John Harding 2015-02-03 
"This is a great add on for setting up schedules with reminders. Thanks for sharing."
Radim Stoklasa 2015-04-01 
"Really great ad-on for following up scheduled tasks in projects."