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Here you will find examples of what you can do with Google Apps Script.
This tucked away part of the Google Apps platform holds a bounty of features that let one quickly bring robust applications to the market without the need for any software or server configuration. 

And we've got things for everyone!

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Learn by example! We have tutorials, code snippets, open-source apps and libraries to help you build your apps quickly and efficiently.

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How can you extend Google Apps to fit your organization’s needs? In this concise guide you’ll learn how to add functionality to Gmail, spreadsheets, and other Google services, or build data-driven apps.
>> Google Script: Enterprise Application Essentials
You're an advanced dev?
Don't reinvent the wheel! Try our apps and edit the code if you want to tweak them. Install our libraries and get connectors to new Google APIs

Help us build useful libraries and reusable code snippets. You have an idea and want to contribute? Contact me via my Google+ profile and I'll give you contributor access on this site. We can help promote your next Apps Script app!