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Current  Graduate Students

In collaboration with the laboratory of Mark Martindale (Kewalo Marine Laboratory, University of Hawaii) my graduate student, Carlee Resh, has isolated and characterized the expression patterns of several transcription factors involved in the development of the nervous system within the embryos and larvae of the articulate brachiopod, Terebratalia transversa.  Her thesis work has focused on the role of one these factors, FoxG, during the development of the ciliated bands and subsets of neuronal cell types within the apical lobe of the larva.  During her graduate studies, Carlee has conducted research related to her project at the Kewalo Marine Laboratory and Friday Harbor Laboratories (University of Washington, see below).  Her work was included in a recent paper published in EvoDevo.

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ko Katagi conducted research on the brain development of the convict cichlid, Amatitlania nigrofasciata, and the onset of territorial-like behaviors.  Currently, Ayako is working on her PhD at Kagawa University in Japan.

I am currently looking for a graduate student that is interested in studying the development of bivalve mollusks.  For more information on the project specifics, please email me.

Alternatively, any potential undergraduate or graduate student interested in working on projects involving invasive species, evolution of developmental mechanisms, or phylogeny should also contact me by email.

Undergraduate Research Projects

Angela Calise and Sondra Mendelsohn both worked in my lab on a project investigating the patterns of tissue rearrangements and mechanisms of cell death during the metamorphosis of marine bryozoan larvae.  Sondra has graduated and is currently enrolled in the medical school of Ross University.


Ashley Sanborn is currently working with me on a project that uses DNA bar coding methods to explore the biodiversity of adult phoronids and their corresponding larval types.  A portion of this work will be carried out this summer at Friday Harbor Laboratories as part of the NSF REU/Blinks Scholarship Program (see

Marine Laboratories

Be sure to check out classes and research opportunities at the marine laboratories listed below.


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