I tackle editing jobs of all sizes—from a few lines of web copy to full-length books. I have worked with business professionals, academics, non-profit organizations, best-selling authors, and pretty much everyone in between.

My job as an editor involves recognizing (and removing) barriers to effective communication. I can make your copy more active, concise and direct—without compromising tone or intent.

In short, I turn "before" into "after."

BEFORE: To minimize and mitigate known and foreseeable loss exposures that can injure a child, schools need to invest time in the physical inspection of their respective playgrounds and they must implement corrective actions.

AFTER: To reduce injuries to children, schools must consistently inspect and maintain their playgrounds.

BEFORE: Consistent soil moisture is essential.

AFTER: Keep the soil consistently moist.

BEFORE: We suggest that patrons refrain from submerging their heads.

AFTER: Keep your head above water.

BEFORE: On the first day of camp the bus will leave at 9:00 am. Parents are asked to have their children checked in at least 1/2 hour before departure.

AFTER: On the first day of camp, the bus leaves at 9:00 am. Please check in no later than 8:30.

BEFORE: This can be the result of two different causes.

AFTER: Two things can cause this.

BEFORE: Safety of road users, land owner or users and employees is an important factors to consider once the operations have begun. A detailed safety check of the equipment should be one of the primary concerns and should include but not be limited to a walk around the unit to insure all attachments are in tightly in place as well as a maintenance check of all belts, fluid levels and all lighting systems to confirm that everything is operational.

AFTER: First, perform a detailed safety check of the equipment. Do a walk-around to ensure that all attachments are tightly in place. Check belts, fluid levels and lighting systems to confirm that everything is operational.

Here's a small sampling of my editing projects.

Follow the Money: Where is Alberta's Wealth Going?
Democracy Derailed: A Breakdown Of Government Accountability In Alberta--and How To Get It Back On Track

Follow the Money: Where is Alberta's Wealth Going?

I worked closely with Kevin Taft on this best-selling exposé. Why does Alberta—one of the richest places on earth—talk poor when it comes to public services?

View at Chapters Indigo

Democracy Derailed

Again, I worked very closely with Kevin Taft throughout the process of researching, writing and editing the book—a scathing indictment of the state of democracy under our province's Tory government.

View at Chapters Indigo

I'll Never Marry a Farmer

I worked extensively as contributing writer/editor on Lois Hole's award-winning collection of life stories, advice and anecdotes.

View at Google Books

Echoes in the Halls: An Unofficial History of the University of AlbertaMy task: edit the reminiscences of almost 100 retired professors. Keep all (well, nearly all) of the contributors happy. Compile and organize the whole thing into an engaging and entertaining book.

View at U of A Press