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What to Wear?

Make the Most of Your Dancing and Walking Break

We are sometimes asked 'what should I wear?' to get the most from the dancing experience and the optional guided walking activities. The pictures below are good examples of the clothing most fellow dancers and walkers choose to wear.

Scottish Country Dancing

It is essential, when Dancing, that you wear Ghillies or Soft Soled Slippers.

scottish dancing clothing

Dress is informal in the Workshops. In the evening everyone dresses smartly, ladies wearing dresses or a skirt and blouse; with men often wearing kilts, but this is not essential.

We make the last evening a little special by asking everyone to 'dress up', and this has proved to be very enjoyable!

formal scottish dancing dress kilt ghillies slippers

Guided Walks

The main essentials are comfortable and sturdy footwear, waterproofs, warm clothing and a day-sack for such as food & drinks.

Sensible clothing, appropriate to our changing weather, is always important for outdoor activities.

Each day we aim to provide the choice of a Full Day or an Afternoon Guided Walk

walking & hiking clothing and equipment