GSA consulting services

We are driven to produce measurable student learning outcomes with approaches that are practical and affordable, can be managed and maintained with a minimum of staff effort, and that protect your investment. We will meet these goals by offering services focused in the following areas:

bulletCurriculum renewal and technology integration - How can technology best be used to yield improved student learning outcomes in my curriculum? What software titles are most appropriate for my students? What Internet resources should I be using to energize teaching and learning in my school/district?
bulletSystem design and setup - What administrative applications will best improve the efficiency of decision making? How can I design and set up my technology systems to operate reliably with a minimum of staffing and support? How do I design Internet connections with appropriate protection for my students and my data files? What kinds of policies and procedures do I need to protect confidential information?
bulletEducation technology program planning - How to develop technology plans that meet state review requirements. How will technology impact the design requirements for new or renovated buildings? What kinds of computer labs will I need and what type of equipment do I need in my classrooms? How can I design my new building to provide maximum utility at the lowest possible operating cost?

In addition, we are focusing on two specific areas of concern to our clients:

bulletE-rate FCC Universal Service Fund- The E-rate provides for discounts on telecommunications services, Internet access, building wiring, and equipment of from 10-90% on a first-come, first-serve basis. We can help you maximize your discount through evaluating alternative student eligibility approaches, designing effective procurement strategies, application assistance and project management. Currently we are providing E-rate/FCC Universal Service Fund application and planning assistance to school districts with over 1,300 schools.

Company Background

Garren Shay Associates principals has over 40 years experience providing information technology and telecommunications solutions for clients. We have worked with a multitude of schools, districts, and state departments of education to plan, design and implement effective computer and network systems. Our staff accomplishments include project manager for the Mass Ed Online statewide planning project, and authoring reports on information technology topics including local and wide area network design, Integrated Learning Systems, information security, and disaster recovery. We have conducted procurement efforts for administrative systems, wide area voice/video/data networks, and building technology infrastructure. We have also served as a software engineer, managed a leading telecommunications company, and assisted Fortune 100 companies in developing worldwide voice and data networks.