April 1 2014

20:00  Informal Gathering - Rose and Crown Hotel, Wivenhoe Waterfront

Day 1 - April 2 2014

08:30  Registration - Tea, Coffee and Biscuits

09:00  Welcome from Max Roberts
09:15  Session 1 - Theories and frameworks for effective schematic map design
Chaired by Peter Rodgers

Theme: Amongst practitioners and the general public, opinions vary concerning the most appropriate design rules for schematic maps, and the extent to which topography versus visual simplicity should be prioritised. The aim of this session is to highlight the conflicting beliefs, and attempt to identify whether there can be agreement in the future.

10:35  Coffee Break

11:00  Session 1 Continues
  • 11:00  Discussion: Can we agree on criteria for effective design?
12:30  Lunch
13:30  Session 2 - Experimental studies of schematic map effectiveness
Chaired by Herman Haverkort
Theme: Although in its infancy, a range of approaches have been used to investigate schematic map effectiveness, including journey planning times and choices, gaze tracking, and analyses of perceptual qualities. The aim of this session will be to collate and contrast the usefulness of the various approaches and findings, and identify future directions.
15:00  Coffee Break

15:30  Session 3 - New and fresh approaches
Chaired by Max Roberts 
17:30  Session 3 Ends

18:00 to 20:30 Evening Event - Dinner, posters and exhibition


Day 2 - April 3 2014
09:00  Session 4 - Automated schematic map generation

Chaired by Silvania Avelar

Theme: Computer-automated schematic map design has progressed considerably in recent years, with a considerable variety of techniques used to generate layouts with a variety of design rules. The aim of this session will be to set out the current state of the art and possible future directions, along with an attempt to identify the potential role of automation software in the design process. 

10:20  Coffee Break
10:45  Session 4 Continues
  • 10:45  Discussion: What do we want from automated software? What can we have? Discussion Summary
12:00  Open Mic Session
Chaired by Max Roberts
13:00  Lunch
14:00  Session 5 - Schematic mapping in the real world
Chaired by Max Roberts

Theme: Many examples of poor information design can be found throughout the world, sometimes the fault of the designer, other times the result of history, politics, and a lack of awareness of cognitive and design issues. The difficulties in achieving design excellence will be explored will be explored in this session, along with ideas for communicating the importance of effective design to public transportation organisations.

  • 14:00  Position Paper: Whose map is it anyway? Business and political factors impacting subway map design. Peter Lloyd, London, UK
  • 14:40  Position Paper: Practical schematic mapping: Transit systems Aurélien Boyer-Moraes and Laure Dubuc, Attoma Design Agency, Paris, France
  • 15:20  Discussion: Getting the message across
16:15  Coffee Break
16:45  Session 6 - The future: funding opportunities and collaborations
Chaired by Peter Rodgers

Theme: The workshop will end with an open discussion of the development of future research networks, sources of funding for future research, and the potential for collaborations between researchers and public transportation organisations.

17:30  Workshop Concludes
18:30  Informal Gathering - Rose & Crown Hotel, Wivenhoe Waterfront