Jeff Erickson: Behind-the-Wheel and Classroom Instructor

Kelsey Quinn: Temporary Program Coordinator

Check out our FAQ for more info about our program and the pre-registration form.

We offer 3 courses during the year - 
  • Winter* (January-March) Classes run after school 4pm-7pm Tuesday; drives after school and on weekends. 
  • Spring (April - June) Classes run before school 7-8 am Tuesday through Friday; drives after school and on weekends. 
  • Summer (August-September) classes run in the mornings 10am-12pm Monday through Friday. Drives in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, and on weekends.
  • No classes during fall. 
Our class is open to all Scappoose High School students** 15-17 years of age with a valid learners permit from the State of Oregon. Students should have their permits at least a month before starting the program, however this is not a requirement. This is suggested for two reasons: 
1. Students who pass will be allowed to waive the driving portion of the DMV exam. This means that they need to be 100% ready to be on the road before they pass our program. 
*2. Particularly during the winter, the course is more difficult due to the nature of driving in the winter. Most drives are in the dark, often in pouring rain. While this is great practice for the students, we don't want the student's first moments in a vehicle to be this stressful. Please practice basic maneuvers and driving BEFORE entering your student into the course. 

**Non-SHS students are open to register for the class the day after Scappoose Students register. This priority is given because a large portion of our course is paid through our district's funding. 


If the above does not work for your family, I encourage you to contact Tom's Driving Academy in Hillsboro at



This is a downloadable version of the 50-hour practice driving log (from the Oregon Parent Guide to Teen Driving).

This is a one-sheet for parents to use for communication with the students regarding student assessment. It includes all six drives.

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