The Creation Light Continuum. A Remote Viewing Consciousness Research Exploration into the Origin of Nature.

Consciousness is the Universal language of Natural Intelligence.                               Home Point.                                                           A non-verbal view of the Multiverse.                                                                                                               

Enlargements of each side of the original's text are below this image. Original image is 100cm x 110cm and 112 layers. Art by S.Torrance

[The enlarged text from above.}
The following is a spectral diagram, and map, of Energy flow throughout a Greater System. The data presented here has been produced by research of Mr S. Torrance, using Coordinate Remote Viewing technology. Conducted over a nine year period from 2000 to 2009, and 140 recorded viewings. The material of this document is reported here in a utilitarian summarisation for interpretation purposes. In being such it is incomplete, not mentioning the technical, operational requirements of functional Remote Viewing, or, greater aspects of the key factors.   The document is the collective summary  of a series of explorative research, formatted field tasking observation reports. Operational process functioning,  has established the following as a ‘key standard operating system’. This document is offered here as a contribution to the establishing of a universalised model, being not of a ‘belief system’ or philosophical nature. The Map is based upon a central position, the Sun.

LIGHT, is the source and core energy of the Greater System. Every form, substance and matter is ultimately derived from the energy of Light. Energy emitted within a Sun, is slowed and condensed to form subatomic particles, which combine to form a stable particle of matter, a hydrogen atom. If an atom, of solidified light, is accelerated to the speed of light within a gravitational field it resonates at the frequency of the light which created it, returning to the higher energy state of light energy. Greater amounts of light energy solidified particles combine upon the primary building unit, the hydrogen atom, forming the Elements of the matter spectrum. These Elemental atoms are the ultimate ‘Lego’ set, producing the numberless trillions of forms of the physical Universe, parts of parts of parts. All matter is universally derived from the single energy source of light. Matter is a direct continuation of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum entering a solidifying state. Matter in high energy states begins to emit the light that created it, as in lava, lightning, hot metals, radio active substances an nuclear detonation for examples. Although most of the energy needed for the physical Universe is already established, additional energy is being feed into the system by a cascade of energy from above light speed frequency energetics.
There is a Source to all of the light in the Greater System. The energy emitted from this Source is in it’s highest energy state; highest frequency speed. The energy on being emitted from the Source enters a series/cascade of dimensional states in which the energy is slowed in a sequential flow to slower and slower dimensional energy states. Energy flowing through the dimensional cascade eventually slows to a frequency slow enough to resonate at/as the physical dimension energy state. Energy above the physical Universe light energy state resonates at a frequency above it’s ability to maintain it’s physicality, ie: it’s physical dimension orientation. The physical speed of light is the dimensional frontier of the physical Universe. (Energy above the physical state is herein termed ‘non-physical’ energy, this will be the term used to describe energy above the physical Universe light energy state.) The dimensional cascade appears to be only of approximately 10 individual dimensional states, rather than the infinite number of dimensions concept. Rather, a series of dimensional infinities, ie: universes. (The term Infinite here is meant not as a concept of an endless plain stretching out forever, but rather a limited (yet not static in volume) dimension ‘Of such overwhelming volumetric size and complexity as to be far beyond a human ability of intellectual perception.’, at least).
Light from the Source moving through the dimensional cascade works like the white light of our spectrum, it both contains all colours and can be a single colour of the spectrum, and hence, the Light is the energy of all the dimensions, and can be in a single dimensional state. The dimensions are phases of the same energy flow. Different dimensional states appear to be like different colours of the visible spectrum. Different dimensional states sequentially move from one to another, like the colours, but are individually different energy states with individually different dimensional energy effects. The white Light of the Source is the same white light of the physical Universe in higher frequency. As the white light of the spectrum contains all colours, so too does the white Light of the Source but as the Core frequency to the dimensional Continuum, it is the connection feed through the Continuum from the Source to all other dimensions.
Each dimension is more than a phase of a fading field though. Each is a band, and a individual state from it’s neighbouring dimensions. The Light entering our physical system is a pairing between two energy form states, each form a polarised dimensional state, it is a pairing of opposites like magnetic poles. Each dimension acting similar to a repulsive magnetic force being squeezed together but being out of phase and repelling the other along a field boundary layer. There appears to be an electrical potential between the two states. As energy exceeds the physical light speed a polarity shift flip of the energy occurs in which it enters the next energy state, the higher half of our energy spectrum, now resonating at the next dimensional state above the physical dimension.
This next dimensional state above the physical, may be called The Elementals Realm. This non-physical dimension is not one of a solid physical type of matter, but rather a phantom/translucent type of energy state in an exact mirror form of it’s paired other, the physical dimension. This dimension appears to be the boundary field between the greater Source field cascade, and the physical Universe dimensional state. This non-physical energy dimension with no solid matter energy states has no physical property to move through the gravitational field of the physical Universe. This means there is no physical Universe Time in this dimension. Time is no longer lateral nor present. It is interesting to note the aspect of Time as a dimensional property returns at the Source, but not in a lateral flow.
Source Light energy flowing ‘down’ through the dimensional cascade is ‘formatted’ in this dimension during its transition across/through to the physical dimension energy state. This dimension gives physical matter both additional energy and form Intelligence, (Intelligence as a term is used here as it would be used in the Military, a detailed series of actual factors of a target.) The name Elementals Realm conveys the interaction of the two field states. Energy from the Elementals Realm is converted between it’s now ‘formatted’ non-physical state to a paired ‘formed’ physical state. The atomic elements of physical matter react and are energised by this energy conversion form. This atomic Realm is interesting for two reasons. Firstly, physical matter elements are the frontline in the non-physical to physical energy conversion. As atoms they are both close; in a developmental sequence, to the primary dimensional energy source, and yet are the very building blocks of the vast structures of the greater physical Universe. Secondly, atoms have a Quantum Intelligence factor as is discussed in the following sub-heading, they are the ‘bytes’ to a vast natural quantum intelligence system. The non-physical energy from the dimensional cascade is ‘essentially’ formless when it reaches the Elementals Realm, but contains ‘influence’. The energy on moving into the dimensional frequency of the Elementals Realm takes up a phantom physical form ‘formatting’ prior to being manifested into it’s paired physical Universe matter form. The crucial factor in this non-physical to physical energy flow is the energy of the Source is the energy of the physical Universe resonating as physical matter. There is no actual separation between the dimensional cascade states. The different states of the dimensions are more like ‘individual modes’, of the Source’s primary energy frequency.
The energy of this Greater Dimensional Cascade is entering the physical dimension through the stars, the Sun. The problem could be in filling a vast 4D space, which has a complex interior filling, with light. This cannot be done by shining light from any one side or even all at once, as the internal structures will always produce shadows. The solution seems to be to fill the 4D space itself with a multitude of individual light sources, creating a multitude of smaller spaces, in turn becoming permeating output points for the incoming non-physical energy flow. This may be the nature of stars, as both energy and matter factories and as output points of the converted non-physical energies. Stars are also the portal points for the Source’s white Light dimensional Core Tunnel effect through the Greater Energy Continuum, apparently as the primarily sources of ‘light and energy’ in the physical Universe. As accelerating physical Universe light energy exceeds it’s ability to maintain it’s physical Universe dimensional energy state it enters the Elementals Realm dimensional state. Accelerating beyond the Elementals Realm dimensional state towards the most obvious light and energy source, a Sun, results in the physical star form changing into the vast Core Tunnel of the Greater Dimensional Cascade with the energy streaming through from the Source.
This Core Tunnel which flows from the Source through the Greater Dimensional System is the same ‘tunnel’ described in the Near Death Experience reports. The Tunnel is a two way flowing energy stream connecting all dimensions. The white Light Core Tunnel’s energy stream originates from and returns to the Source.
The Source is an immense, unconditionally universal form of eternal streaming Energy and Intelligence. The Source is the culmination point for all Intelligence flowing to and from the dimensional systems.
Energy flowing from the Source into the physical dimension is described like this waterfall. Energy from the Source flows like the cascade of the water, as light, energy , and solidified as the water itself. The energy flows into the many form states of the physical system, as the elements, minerals and chemical processes, which recombine to form the substances of Life. The water and energy flow amongst all forms of the system, ‘watering and nurturing’ the garden of Life. Life, is a key purpose of the physical Universe. ‘Non-physical Life Intelligence’, requires a form to take up to be in the physical Universe’s dimensional energy state. To have a manifestation form to exist as while in the physical. Biological Life is the vehicle for a Non-physical Life Intelligence, physical Universe Life event. Biological Life evolution is the creatively adaptive process of refinement for advancing a specie’s environmental ‘suitability’ skills, which produce advances in the way a specie both perceives and utilises it’s dimensional environment. This adaptability may induce positive or negative manifesting situations during evolution. The biodiversity and state of evolutionary development of a system’s species, gives scope to the range and type of physical Life Event a Non-physical Life Intelligence can access through that system. When there are no physical biological Life species present, there are no facilitators for a Non-physical Life Intelligence to have a physical Universe Life event. Non-physical Life Intelligence ‘packets’ resonate as a consciousness, and manifest as an Individual of a species. Individual Non-physical Life Intelligence ‘packets’ originate from the Source moving to the Core Tunnel. Then to an ‘alignment’ form in the Elementlals Realm, before being born into a planetary biological Life event as an Individual of a specie. When the physical Life event is completed, the Non-physical Life Intelligence ‘packet’ returns to the Source through the same Greater System Core Tunnel energy stream.
Returning to the bottom of the diagram in the center, and hence the physical Universe dimension of the diagram. The physical Universe appears to be a giant chemistry experiment. One that has started, and is producing all sorts of reactions and purposeful processes, but is still no where near being complete. The actions of the stars, in complex matter formation, and the cosmological chemical processes  of the nebulas and galaxies, produce the materials that combine to form Life. Life is literally the pieces of the physical Universe’s cosmological processes collected, concentrated, and ‘alive’ as Life. There ‘appears’ to be, a ‘limit/extent’ to the developmental size of the  physical Universe. A vast, light filled shape similar in appearance to a side-on view of a ‘impact disk spray fan’, slowly rotates in the vast empty blackness. The individual galaxies are indiscernible at this scale. There is the distinct impression of an expanding, dimensional, stretched ‘boundary’ effect at the shape’s outer reaches.

The dynamics and computational nature of this Intelligence system are briefly compared with present computing systems.
This is an atom. An atom is a singular piece of matter. As a particle of matter it spends it’s time in the physical Universe constantly moving through a gravitational field. This movement creates for the matter particle the concept and experience of Time as a lateral flow. Each and every interaction the atom encounters occurs within this Gravitational/Time field, which as a field permeates all of the physical Universe. There is nowhere a concept of ‘nothing’ exists. The combination of, the path of movement through the 3D energy field over time,  creates a type of historical record , like a digital recording of the atom’s inherent reality at that point in Time, and consists of the sum total of both the combined historical Intelligence, and ALL factors of the present Intelligence states. This ‘Absolute-Intelligence’ state is ‘something’s’ unchangeable total INHERENT Intelligence state. Historical events are set in the greater system Time record. Although variations in the lateral time flow are possible, the greater system record continues as a whole, even with multiple time lines produced, no single event factor can be lost. To erase an event from the Time record would require the rest of the physical Universe to wind back also. The ‘Absolute-Intelligence’ property can be endlessly analysed, consisting of both Tangible and Intangible factors. These factors include Chaos theory level individualism of atomic weight volumes to biological physical properties. The total combined Intelligence produces a ‘Individual’ of any form. This ‘Individualism’ produces a form’s ‘Identity’ amongst ALL things. The ‘Identity’ and a ‘search’ for that ‘Individual’ results in a type of  Quantum ‘lock and key’ function. In a basic form, there is only one key to fit one lock, there is not a searching or testing of multiple locks until a derivative is achieved. By picking up That key, it inherently implies opening That lock, that ‘singularity’. In this Quantum operating context, the question is 50% of the answer. Complex targets may consist of multiple locks.

The Blue Lighter(right) is an example of Tangible and Intangible Intelligence. Tangible Intelligence includes factors like the construction materials, colours, weight, sounds, smells, functions of, purpose for, whom, where, when, age of item, and it’s present state. Intangible Intelligence relates to other factors or effects constituting aspects of the lighter outside of it’s immediate state. These include such details as the raw materials refining; including systems of mining, gas refining, oil production, and transport infrastructure in the Lighter’s manufacturing; to the economic, political, philosophical, and religious systems of the countries involved in it’s production and distribution. Every physical action is accounted in the Gravitational Time reality record. Everything is connected by being from the same energy Source. A ‘piece’ of matter is only a piece by being a ‘part’ of the whole, it’s only relativity is to the rest of it’s own energy spectrum. Events which occur at different points in the Time record to the Time of the question can result in a answer with a factor of the Time the event occurred, and such it’s place in the Time record giving it comprehension and relativity to it’s Tangible and Intangible Intelligence effects in the rest of the system. The Gravitational/ Time energy produced in the physical Universe flows constantly and can accessed as a state of truth at any point in the historical record.
The Absolute-Intelligence ‘volume’ of the Blue Lighter may be likened to one megabyte of data from current computing systems. Objects of greater volume and complexity constitute larger and larger volume megabyte ‘Intelligence’ files. A laptop computer may constitute a one gigabyte file, and a small fish tank one terabyte as examples. This volumetric scaling of the Quantum Intelligence data constitutes greater computational Intelligence. These Intelligence volumetrics continue on from: room size, to a region, to a continent, to the planet, to the solar system, to the galaxy, to the local and outer Universe.
The physical Universe’s sum total ‘Absolute-Intelligence’ flow, from both the historical Intelligence record, and the present state Intelligence; still only constitutes a part of the computational Intelligence of the Source. I Think Therefore I Am
The ‘Absolute-Intelligence Identity’ factor of the parts of the system can be used as a form of Intelligence communication. To communicate an ‘object’, the object’s Intelligence is it’s state of Truth, and is a loss less form of exact communication. Like a mathematical formula exact Intelligence states are the same as exact numbers. The Individual Intelligence states combine producing a new sum total Intelligence state; as the answer of the formula. The nonnumeric description of the answer of this Intelligence sum may be stated as Truth. The nature of the Greater System is one of being the ultimate accountant, one which only deals in Truths as Absolute Intelligence states and their combinations. Individual factors of an Intelligence state, can be re-derived from an ‘answer’ of a formula by their historical significance in the computational ‘formation’ of the answer’s new Individual Intelligence state. Overviews of understanding can be reached by analysis of the ‘Individual’ parts of the formula and their interactions in producing the answer. For example, the many Individual factors that combine to produce the singular-blend state we call a nice day.
The single most important result of this research, particularly for the World Science Community, is that there is a clearly Identifiable ‘Source’. This Source of Light energy is  forming a multidimensional system of manifestation and existence through simultaneous phase states of a primary energy field flow. With ALL matter, energy and Intelligence of the physical Universe dimension being one of these states. The simultaneous nature of the Source and this  Greater Multiverse leads to the understanding of the physical Universe being not in a ‘separated’ state from the Source, but rather, the physical dimension existing as a ‘different place‘ of, the Source. The continuity of the energy spectrum throughout the dimensional energy form states reveals Life, and all of matter, to be a solidified state of the primary Source Light energy. This principle at a primary focus/understanding level, becomes crucial to a positive manifestation of a specie, being something all species are inherently subject to.
This is a Map of that ‘Source’; from a ‘as it currently stands’, understanding. One that that is prepared to develope when required. Every aspect of this document is offered openly, and is targetable and Identifiable for research by it’s own INHERENT nature in the system.
Further more, the evolutionary implications of the Intelligence of this document are amongst the universal, basic understanding principles of a Cosmic Class specie.
...We are nothing more, or nothing less, than exactly what we inherently are.

This spectral graph represents the continuation of the Electromagnetic Spectrum beyond Light speed levels of energetics.  Art by S.Torrance


Further Reading about this material.
NDE Phenomenology related Remote Viewing.
"On a clear day, we can see forever..." Dr Russel Targ, Remote Viewing founding researcher. Stanford Research Institute.

In this regard, I am finding it difficult to present this material without establishing the context of Remote Viewing, it's functional state of operation, and the developmental progression of understanding and results driven observation. As I have not completed a formal science degree (not that one in this field is available also), please forgive my lack of academic formatting in this report. I also accept full liability for personal mistakes made in the attainment of these materials, and/or any misunderstanding, or deviation, of the technology established by the 'founders'. This report is offered in full openness with no institutional or commercial motivations.


The following material has been derived through the methods of Coordinate Remote Viewing, as developed by SRI for the CIA and US DIA programs. This technology was deemed suitable for Freedom of Information release by civilian administrators in the mid 90's and is now openly available, including the actual operations manuals. The military formatting used is highly technical, as was the nature of their inquiries. The format used for the material in this report is derived from this methodology following all functional processes of the SRI technology but simplified, as both training and personal scope were at their limits. Additional teaching was gained through the published works of scientists, former operational military remote viewers, and astonishing naturals. The works of Dr Harold Puthoff, Dr Russel Targ, Ingo Swan, Joe Mcmoneagle, Robert Monroe and Dr Courtney Brown were crucial to the development of the methodology used in these viewings.

It must be stated that none of the previously listed individuals, nor the following Association, are associated with this work in any way.

Please see the International Remote Viewing Association at    for further information regarding the history and scientific developments of Remote Viewing.

Operational Remote Viewing Methodology Used In This Material
Operational remote viewing is a technical method of a clairvoyant experience. Being quite similar to technically learning music. Everyone can 'hum a tune', but some people then go on to learn technical classical music. This is the key difference between military RVers and others. The experiences may be the same for each, but the technical training of RV may produce better quality notes, insights, descriptions and may offer greater freedom to explore the 'target' and its implications. The military 'mentality' to the development of this technology was also very appealing to myself. The utilitarian-ism, and a very short tolerance for anything 'airy fairy', or things that simply don't produce results, was excellent in the developmental years of RV. But the utilitarian military nature of the organisations themselves, lead to a lack of real evolution from the materials and experiences attained; not so much for the operational viewers themselves, but definitely from the conflict of interests from the greater organisations the viewers supported and were facilitated by.
The RV method (basically) is utalised by following a formula/matrix (as it is known), from a deeply centred internal state, that both flows with, and enhances the perception of a new conscious experience. Following the neurology of a natural, 'first impression situational awareness response' reaction. This reactional state has been vital in survival in the wild for as long as we've been evolving. The defence against (large!) ambush predators, and life threatening situations were possibly the triggers for its greater expression, but also would appear to be inherent factors in all life. Granted the military has quite unique access to life and death situations, it is in hindsight not surprising they managed to trigger and express this heightened neurological response from some of their more challenged members. They developed a process relating to this phenomena with research and insights from master naturals like Ingo Swan. Ingo Swan's immense efforts personally and with the team at SRI, enabled a clarification and ordering of the sequential flow of this consciousness response pattern, which is now utalised as the pattern of flow of the technical RV process.
This method is still just a tool though, and it is the responsibly of the consciousness engaged in the viewing to operate itself appropriately, have the utmost respect for truth, and to avoid the 'perils of freedom'. Important operating conditions include several factors crucial to attaining 'operational quality data', and are the following:
-Never assume Anything, never draw conclusions based on assumptions, chaos theory points directly at this.
-A state of non-conditional awareness is needed, non-conditional being something more deliberate than the unfocussed unconditional state, perhaps.
-There is nothing more detrimental to this openness than 'front loading', the prior knowledge (or speculation) of a target.
-Understanding an artefact of consciousness known as Analytical Over Lay 'AOL', where the mind tries to guess at something, or liken it to something you already understand. As the term states 'Analytical' implies a secondary level of consciousness to the experience, and as such is identified as not being inherently from the target's prime signal feed.
-Subjects or targets of a technical nature will require technical understanding of them to be analysed. Without a prior understanding, elementary notes have to be accumulated until a greater picture or understanding appears and can be tested.
-External calibration of target information should always be sort if possible.
For targets without means to verify data, (as with most of the examples shown below), multiple oracle sources have been sort such as the I-Ching, Tarot, and Runes. This is not something endorsed by the scientists, but granted the (possibly quantum) synchronistic implications of these systems and the nature of the subject matter itself, they are of great value and offer the objective opinion needed at times. Totally new perspectives of the subject matter may result, allowing constant reappraisal of the subjective understanding developing. Scientific note taking and journal keeping are of absolute necessity. Subject matter, especially of this nature, may be so inherently complex there is no way of comprehending it in any single viewing. Water is a simple example of such a topic, after 15 viewings each giving an insight into it's many natural states and uses, you'll know why you needed to keep notes. Also, once you have established a clearer overview, say many viewings of fluid water for example, you may return to your notes and review your observations to calibrate the quality of your work in a way. If you have simple descriptions in your notes like -is a liquid, -is naturally transparent, -becomes a gas at higher energy levels; you may have had no idea at all at the time of what you were observing, but at least your observations were later found to be correct. A viewing may be so complex the implications of it's contents may be almost entirely missed until you thoroughly review your notes, something I'm embarrassed by later, but at least you were focused on attaining the data itself at the time. It is always more important to just get '2', than to project an assumption of '200'. As I was told rather sternly once, - ' are nothing more, or nothing less, than exactly what you are..'. This principle is at the heart of individualism of every single 'physical form'.
At this point, it is necessary to clarify the important fact that I am not a actual NDEr. I have not had my biological life stopped, and the natural soul experience induced as a complete experience. I have had a range of experiences though, that strongly point to a analytical comparison of this phenomenon. Also importantly, at best, this work may point to 'How to's' and 'Where's' related to these experiences, it is not attempting to explain 'Why' or 'How' a system like this is formed. Identifying and establishing has been the focus of this work, amongst a topic that will require far greater intelligences than mine to explain.

 (An analogy of sorts, of this work has presented itself. {When men first went in search of the highest mountains of the world, it was explorers who led the way, they made scientific observations and gave directions to actual scientists who achieved the measurements of the peak's truths. When hiking to, or approaching, a climbing mountain for the first time and you are filled with anxious intrepidation, one appreciates the foot prints in the path of those who came before you. Even more so, the prints coming in the opposite direction of those returning, who have done it, faced the challenges and survived. When you realise those prints are yours, and this is in fact your path, it is deeply humbling}.This is how it was shown to me in a viewing.)


First Sense Hypothesis

Firstly I'd like to propose a clarification of sorts. Ingo Swan has brought to our attention a fundamental issue presently concerning consciousness related phenomena research, nomenclature. It is apparent that you simply cannot accurately explain something of a totally new phenomenon with descriptions based on old terminologies. So until such work is done I will endeavour to explain the terminology I'm using.

In this regard, I would like to propose a challenging of the concept/description/term '6th sense'. It has become clear that this is quite incorrect, and that 'clairvoyant, psychic or altered state of consciousness' is actually related to the '1st sense' or primary conscious state. Physical senses are used by the body to provide information to the mind/brain about it's state of being and environment. But if there is no 'computational cognition' of the sense’s signals, there is no real point to a sense's perception. A brain dead patient in Intensive Care is an example of this. Although a pin prick to the patients toe may be recorded by a E.E.G. as a functioning nerve signal firing in the brain, without a reaction neurologically the patient is considered brain dead. It maybe said that without a 'first sense' there is no real point to the other senses, of which, maybe themselves are bi-products of the needs and inherent ability of this 'first/primary sense'. This first sense state is the place of the self, it is the consciousness of the awareness of dreams, it is the place of meditative strength, the expression of love, is in essence the true 'you', and is the place of control for remote viewing. I would also like to claim it is not the place of the 'soul', it is the soul. It will be this part of a Being that continues to be the individualised expression of a 'self' after the conclusion of a physical life event. It is what/who a medium is in contact with when doing their work ie: communicating. It is also the point of experience of the lucid dream and OBE. All of which I have experience with.


The First Sense Experience of the Soul
The remote viewing experience although bi-located in the physical for note taking, is essentially a non-physical purely intellectual experience of conscious thought. This is the state of the natural soul, a state of pure cognitive thought/intelligence, which is essentially non-physical.
Somewhere along the line of evolution, the intelligence of the creating source of all things, realised not everything could be experienced or accomplished as a singularity, and the multiverse was brought into existence. In trying to experience itself innumerably, the creating source engaged smaller 'packets' of it's intelligence to experience and learn from within this multiverse as agents of consciousness. 'I think, therefore I am', literally comes from the top down.

A biological specie undergoing progressive evolution develops skills and abilities to both perceive and utilise it's physical environments. The bio diversity of life on a planet, and the evolutionary development of it's constituent species, gives scope to the type of experiences one of these non-physical source originated intelligence 'packets' can access during a physical, biological life event/experience. At the end of a biological life event, the non-physical intelligence 'packet' returns to the source, via a streaming 'tunnel' of light, from which it originated. This 'tunnel' works like a two way connection feed from the source to the multiverse, and is the same tunnel described in the NDE events. These experiences also describe tunnelling effects caused by super fast velocities attained during the motion of passage to this source.

Pre Remote Viewing Experiences
As a child and young adult I had a number of experiences that taught me there was more to life than the societarian life I was engaged in. Premonitions, and lucid dreaming filled my nights. On laying down to sleep I would be absorbed by a feeling of being in the corner of an immense space. A deeply natural feeling of 'it's fine doing what you do in the day, but now reality starts...' would come with it. By 14 I had a understanding/idea that ghosts, God, and ufos were all utalising this other state of consciousness. There were a number of significant experiences that contributed to my development, but the most important is as follows.

About the age of 20 I was a dedicated surfer, and young environmentalist. It was an important time of significance in my developing view of the world. I had started a new position with Greenpeace at the magazine and was promptly shown about 10 hours of their footage showing the horrendous pollution filling the oceans and Earth. To say it left me shattered is an understatement. Humans were already destroying everything I loved, this just confirmed it. This resulted in a deeply seated contempt for humanity with a feeling of there being little point to it's existence, which resonated from the very bottom of my heart. A place of deeper than usual sincerity. A couple of days passed like this but nothing changed. So, there is nothing like a good surf to clear the head, and despite having a quality surf late one afternoon, this place in the heart remained. Sunset arrived and the sky was filled with colour and a patch work of little puffy clouds, the mountains are some distance from where I was at the Spit on the Gold Coast. The distance back to the mountains makes them appear small in your view with an immense sky. As I left the water something happened, as I walked up the beach there was a large area of wet sand which was reflecting the colours and clouds of the sunset. As I walked into this scene the wet sand reflection filled my foreground view, only 3cm of distant mountains separated the wet sand reflection from the sky. As I reached the focal point of this scene something quite incredible occurred. The view of the sunset and it's reflection on the sand merged. The Sun changed from being the Sun to an immense tunnel of streaming unconditional life, time and intelligence. This immediately filled me with a feeling of a powerful natural awe, immense time, and untouchable beauty. The light in this scene then began communicating. In a fairly patronising response it stated 'you think you can touch this (destroy it), the glory of Life, it is untouchable, it is so much more than you'll ever imagine'. It then showed me a scene of layers of soil from like a archeological dig, and said '...the human may destroy, damage and pollute it's time here on Earth, but this will only be done to it's layer in the soil, and like all the previous epochs, it's time will end and the process of the creation of life on Earth will prevail in millions of new ways'. The whole experience only lasted several seconds I guess, I held it together wandering past the other people on the beach, got to my car and spent 15 minutes chewing the corner of my towel, wondering how many other people just saw that, and how many experiences like this must go down every day on this natural frontier. The experience was powerful, not at all subtle. It challenged and changed my point of view, and gave me reason to positively manifest my view of life and my place in humanity. I also knew without question the entity of GOD existed as an immense, powerful, natural intelligence that resonated incredible creational light. It was a physical experience with a power I have not experienced since.


Remote Viewing Related Experiences

Remote viewing is a lot like art or music. Technical methods are taught from universalised platforms but it is the individuals expression of these skills we enjoy. Every artist sees things a little differently, every painting is uniquely different. It is this variety that produces vastly different views of the same thing, one artist may see the brilliance of colour in flowers, while another sees the art on the vase, and yet another may see the vase as a foreground object to another picture. This organic variety is crucial in obtaining a wider view. It is also important to foster this uniqueness as new discoveries may be made. This sort of artistic license proved valuable to the military viewers as 4 people may have reported similar things, while a 5th might see something everyone else missed, or had a specific talent for something the others missed. Fissionable nuclear materials were an example of this.


First contact
The next event to report is not directly NDE related, but in the context of the just previously mentioned developmental license it is important to the NDE materials reported here.
My experience with remote viewing began in mid '97 with a ABC late night documentary. The Real X-files Americas Psychic Spy Program, made by Jim Schnabel and produced by Channel 4 in the UK. I'd been looking for this, demystified and utilitarian in nature, I some how knew within seconds this was for me. I then spent the next year trying to contact anyone involved in the US DIA program, which had been a deeply secret program with the people involved being intelligence service professionals. So establishing initial contact was near impossible at the time. I approached the producers at Channel 4 and received a raw cut copy of the documentary thankfully, but that was it for many months. My girlfriend at the time was a librarian with a PhD. in literature. She could read a large novel by lunch. When I returned books to the library for her it was by milk crates. While there one day and frustrated by my lack of progress with my hunt for RV materials I grabbed a book from the new release display thinking screw it, I need to read something. That book was Cosmic Explorers by Dr Courtney Brown and as it turned out was pretty much one of the first modern books written about, and from, remote viewing, and amazingly exactly what I was looking for.
The materials in this paper were mainly produced while on my Uncle Wayne's property, in the rainforest of Currumbin Valley in the Gold Coast hinterland, where I lived as the care taker for over 10 years. Country life is beautiful how it disengages the routine patterns of 9 to 5 society and allows one to spend endless hours pursuing the thing of one's interest. The next day I was set, I would be alone, I was free to read and focus on this book, with a bit of awe and cautious wonder too.
By about 11:30pm I finished the book fairly blown away. I knew enough to know what was in it was real and that it was truly awesome. I love astronomy and was taught early on the importance of volumetric awareness to cognitive ability, so the stars are the best way to stretch the mind. The large and small Magellanic clouds are favourites and the country valley makes for dark nights. So I got up from the table I'd been at for several hours to stretch and check out the stars. I walked a few steps outside and turned to look towards the south and the Magellanic clouds. Instead, my attention is immediately drawn to a strange, oval shaped, white light half hiding behind a large bushy tree in my back yard about 20 feet away and 20 feet from the ground. At first I tried to not jump to any assumptions −this could be the power company boys, or neighbours maybe, or someone?, but a quick peripheral sound check and there is nothing but crickets and the water sounds of the creek, at least the animals hadn't been put off, ...but that light is high enough off the ground below it to be alarming. I was more puzzled at how this light was moving slightly back and forth related to my subtlest movements, always remaining slightly/half hidden by the tree. The more I tried to look around the tree the more the light moved behind it, so I thought maybe if I move back it will come out more, so I did until it was clear of the tree and out in the open. I thought 'ah got ya...?', it instantly shot sideways to half hiding again behind the next tree to the left.
Things got heavy right then, I had to try and control my fear as I'd been taught, and the realisation of what was occurring set in. Information or rather strong impressions stated coming from the light/object. A feeling of stern seriousness seemed to be coming from it, something who's inherent complexity and life style was far beyond mine - more like 'asking a UN soldier in a battle zone for a holiday snap, while you walk past oblivious of the situation'. 'Confronted' in relation to the issue is how you would put it, not a new age enlightened approach at all. Aspects of the ‘alarmingness’ of the situation became more important, getting sucked off the planet while alone on a rural property suddenly had a real possibility to it, and the fact this thing was not resonating a 'this is cool vibe' wasn't helping. I was taught to accept all factors in a situation, and two that were even more puzzling were, that these 'guys?' felt more like locals somehow, and?, that a feeling of 'me' was somehow coming from the object. I had no clue as to why, but I'm taught not to discard information, even as is often the case, it is seemingly totally random. At this point a feeling like 'my soul trying escape the situation through the base of my spine' took over, so that was it, I figured you ignore that feeling at your peril. I went inside, and watched a snowboarding video hoping this would change my head space. I must have gone into a shock I think, it wasn't until about 2pm the next day that I even remembered the event. Afterwards, looking at the tree in the backyard produced a sort of post traumatic shock response where my mind would flash the scene back to remind you with contrast, that although not there now, it was then. This lasted a couple of months. This was a vital experience in my work and urged me to work on it for the next 10 years. I began pursuing RV to learn and gradually got enough information to start my first attempts. Three years later I did a viewing that after an orbital approach arrived above a small cabin in the forest at night, I didn't recognise it at first because I wasn't used to seeing my house from above. I then noticed myself! standing on the lawn in bewilderment, and I realised this is the event with the light from that first night. I half laughed, lent forward in the viewing and projected a 'you don't know shit yet sunshine' feeling at my other self on the lawn. I had now come full circle with that event, AND those other People of that event. The necessity to gain gradual understanding of the natural system, and hence (including) the NDE, has been crucial for me to be able to communicate with these people and grasp insights into their reality. Put it this way... when someone from another planet comes, and they know more about Nature and the true planet you're on than you... you are the alien.
This also taught me the 99% 1% rule. Many people seem to spend 99% of their time on 1% of the answer. Yes or No is 1% of the answer, 99% is what it is!

The Magellanic Clouds on right with Comet McNaught 2007, click to enlarge.


Home Point and Nonverbal Communication
There are many interesting aspects of RV, one being the establishing of a return point which reappears at the beginning of most viewings. Robert Monroe described his place as the 'library'. This point will be an orientation place that will be used as a tangent for understanding, while you explore targets of vastly different kinds. The individual will also tend to have a individual 'point', which is not chosen consciously, but will reflect aspects of the individual's developing 'artistic license' and character.
Another interesting aspect is the use of nonverbal communication, a form of universal communication based on imaging and impressions rather than words. It could take a book of words to describe a person, or a single image and impression. Themes also are crucial in these nonverbal exchanges and may convey a spiritually related issue, a physically related issue, or a combination of both, which ever the target and its issues are related to.
My 15th viewing came up in a most interesting place. A high orbital position above the Earth which appeared with the left side of the planet lit by the Sun, and the right in the darkness of night. The Sun was clearly visible as a natural star. This became my Home Point and still is today. Quite an awesome experience in itself. It has taken many viewings to learn about this point and the themes used during the communication in the viewing. How all of this is happening is still not completely understood, but it does... From this point the question of where to go next may arise. Quite simply, while one is floating surrounded in the darkness and volume of space, the NDE reports of 'seeking the light' or 'I followed the light' seemed as appropriate a thing to try as any. So from space there is one very big light to draw your attention, the Sun. Now technically the Sun is physically, a gravitational ball of rawing nuclear fusion of no apparent intelligence, or it should be at least. The Sun is not just this though, it is such a thing in it's physical appearance but it has a non-physical aspect as well.
'Cueing' is a term derived from the map coordinates used in the developmental beginning of RV as a targeting system, and is now used to instigate movement or responses during a viewing to give greater freedom to investigate or explore. When targeting the Sun, or Cueing from within a viewing, a very different Sun may appear. This brings me to movement beyond the speed of physical light, which as a mental concept is actually easy to show the mind. At night look outside at a star, now look at the star next to it. It takes a split second to move your focus from one to the other, an actual distance of many light years. You just defeated the speed of light 100 000 times, intellectually at least. From the orbital home point, 'cueing' the light will cause you to start to fly towards the Sun/the light. From this non-physical limitation free perspective you rapidly exceed the speed of the physical light, at which point something remarkable occurs. The Sun and the physics, including time, of the physical universe recedes, the Sun becomes an enormous tunnel of streaming light surrounded in nebulous clouds. Scales of things beyond this point are not explainable. The longer you proceed into this 'tunnel' the faster and faster you go, which covers more and more distance. The frequency of the energy involved also gets faster. You can say the energy of the physical frequency of light is resonating so fast, it simply cannot maintain it's physicality, and fuzz's out. But energy itself does not end at the edge of the diagram of the electromagnetic spectrum, it continues well beyond the physical state. In fact if you follow it all the way, further and further through at higher and faster frequency speeds, you will come to it's source.
Now, I am not religious, I was not brought up that way, and I have never read the bible or other religious texts. So to arrive in an area filled with streaming cosmic life-light that fills your heart with a love beyond anything you've felt during your life, to feel the total unconditional life force streaming from it, at scales beyond comprehension is surprising enough. Then to realise there is a situation going on with other entities, things escalate rapidly. Something that's a bit hard to describe is that many aspects of this location are familiar to us. There are clouds which look the same, colours are the same, even many of the people are the same, and for one very good reason, everything in the physical universe comes from here. The first approach I made didn't go well. On arrival I tried to analyse the situation from a physics perspective, maybe God itself is just a gravitational type field thing with intelligence within the field that we personify to feel better about? Pop, end of viewing instant return to the room, complete shutdown! This is the only time this has ever happened, it was actually a bit shocking, and pretty much a complete failure as a remote viewing task. It really made me think.
Remote Viewing really requires you not to know of your target at all before you seek it, so I had to wait for this opportunity to randomly arise again from the selected target pool. Second attempt went very differently, through and into the light tunnel with the flow, on arrival I took things more cautiously. I noticed a line of people moving into the cloud formation, they were being greeted. I had a sudden realisation that this was 'Heaven', as it is called by Earth's religions, which suddenly meant GOD must be here also. I turned into the light and it was. I suddenly found myself in an unbelievable situation with my maker. I stopped frozen in awe, I stopped everything, bowed my head and thanked it for giving me a life across time and for giving me a place in your creation, as humbly as I could. Much to my total surprise I was answered with a smiling simplicity thanks, that said 'Thanyou, thankyou for going, do you understanding how much more you are than a inanimate object, you are an agent of consciousness', surprisingly we resonated with a light hearted smiling openness. I happily departed this intense state and returned to the outer cloud area a bit more comfortably. That meeting had sort of cleared me in a way, and I approached the line of people. I came to the line from the side which generated some weird looks from the people doing the greeting. I put my hands up and said 'I'm here informally' and was warmly greeted by a truly elegant being of the most pleasingly elegant nature, we smiled and held hands in greeting. This meeting was actually considered cool, different, and special as it is them who usually have to come to see us (the ghosts). I then said with smiling curiosity 'show me something?'. This being reached over my shoulder and pointed to a little blue dot in the distant darkness, the Earth, then very rapidly shot me back to the room I was doing the viewing from. For me, this was my Mt Everest summiting. But what in fact I learned was that I was already on the summit here at life camp Earth, and that I had actually gone/come back to home.

I have been many times now to this place, though I really don't go right into the immense depth of the light. This seems to be a clear difference between myself and a Medium. Mediumship for me is a by-product of knowing the way there. Quite often when meeting the newly departed, they will need some time to readjust to this old but seemingly new reality, depending upon their recent perspectives of life on Earth especially. For this reason they are more to the edge of the light quite literally. After a month or so though, they will be deep in the light and are much a part of the scene. I don't go to this depth often, I figure I'll spend enough time there later, and the contrast between this life and that can be a bit hard to take personally. 'They' usually meet me at the edge, and always know when I'm coming, including the pets that are sitting waiting for you. The true natural Mediums come up deep in this place of the Light to start with. I have meet a lady Medium that can make your soul feel like cool ice water, someone you might call a angel on Earth literally. They deserve the highest respect. But this ability is also a specialty, and the relative exploring I've done is quite contrasting for them also. You can also see why the ancients worshipped the Sun.


'Whoever has heart's doors wide open, could see the sun itself in every atom.' Rumi


Home Point

Large Visitor Globe