I would like to invite everyone to send me news or short articles. Also, please let us know if you are changing jobs, retiring, hear of any interesting conferences, etc. so that we can keep you up to date. Please send your news or details to:
Ideas for articles are:
  • the biology, ecology and management of weeds and invasive plant species in agricultural, forestry, aquatic, turf, recreational, rights-of-ways, and other settings;
  • genetics of weeds and herbicide resistance;
  • chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and molecular action of herbicides and plant growth regulators used to manage undesirable vegetation;
  • ecology of cropping and non-cropping systems as it relates to weed management;
  • biological and ecological aspects, design, efficacy, and impact of weed control tools and technology for integrated weed management;
  • effects of weed management on soil, air, and water;
  • scholarship in education, extension, and outreach methods and resources;
  • technology and product reports;
  • mapping and remote sensing, inventory and monitoring;
  • technology transfer tools;
  • regulatory issues.