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Welcome to my web page. This is Dr. Savita Kumari working with Indira Gandhi University  [state govt university established under act no. 29 of 2013  by Haryana Government]. I have finished my Ph.D from Banasthali University  with 60 publications in national/ International journals and conferences( with one book, patent) and did  MCA degree from Kurukshetra University.
We are in the 21st era and  this is the time for digitization so,welcome in this world where you can get any information at any time. With help of web technology it become easy to everyone and also get freedom to search or get any information anywhere in the world .This website will help to my student to get all information about my experience,research ,subject taught, my teaching materials,model papers,assignment and announcement related to my subjects or class etc.

Welcome Readers !
Welcome to MCA-105, MCA-305, MCA-504, MCA-201, MCA-405  (e) C++ and Java Programming and Soft Computing class. These courses aims is to introduce the concepts of C++, JAVA programming and basic concept of soft Computing . The emphasis is on the following topics functions, arrays, pointers, structures, files and solving problems and object oriented. This will be make  students able to develop System programming.
I have also taught the web designing and C.
 It will make students understand intricacies of the various aspects of web portal development and to enhance the skills of writing content for web pages and to make efficient site maps to navigate web pages. It enables to understand the procedure for hosting the web pages on the internet/intranet and to exploit the client server architecture and it allows to dynamically update web pages using Active server pages and Dynamic HTML