What does SEEC offer?

SAT/ACT English Enhancement Class (SEEC) is a dominantly online SAT/ACT English class that teaches students English fundamentals and strategies of how to fast and correctly answer the questions in the English sections in SAT, PSAT, and ACT. It covers four areas: 

  1. essay writing,
  2. grammar,
  3. passage reading, and
  4. vocabulary.
Many of the course contents in SEEC are hardly addressed in a systematic manner either in middle school or in high school. Many SEEC students have significantly improved their school English performances and their performances in SAT and PSAT. ACT English is very similar to SAT/PSAT English. Therefore, many SEEC students have also achieved outstanding performances in ACT.

This tutoring service has attracted students from the United States and beyond. Numerous students in those cities, large or small, where quality English tutors are hardly available, have joined SEEC. Students can try the class for free. Students from the Greater Indianapolis area can take the class at Dr. Huang's home.

SEEC has also helped numerous high school seniors with their college applications, especially application essays, over the years. Many students from across the United States and abroad have benefitted from this service. In addition, SEEC is also helping high school students prepare to apply to U.S. elite colleges starting from 9th grade though students can join any time from 9th grade to 11th grade. The earlier you join, the more you are prepared for college applications. Dr. Huang provides conceptual and technical support.

Why Dr. Huang?

There are many SAT/ACT classes and many college counseling services out there. Why do you want to use Dr. Huang's services? Dr. Huang is way beyond the stage of proving his ability to achieve excellence in helping young students. Nevertheless, in case you are interested, here are some things you may want to know:
  1. Dr. Huang's standardized test (such as TOEFL, GRE) training experience dates back to late 1980s and early 1990s. Since 2006, he has garnered extensive amount of SAT English training experience. He has helped numerous high school students get into their dream colleges. Such valuable experience is hard to come by in a short time period. If there are two doctors with different amount of experiences of treating a rare kind of tumor, will you choose the doctor who sees several of such cases every month or the doctor who sees one case every five years on average? In addition, he has taught English writing to college students, graduate students, and college professors in Florida and in Indiana for several years.
  2. Dr. Huang received rigorous training in English language in college with a B.A. degree in English. He has the English language knowledge, especially in-depth grammar knowledge, that many English tutors (native English speakers included) do not have. 
  3. Dr. Huang is one of the extremely few foreign-born non-native-English-speakers who teaches Americans English in the United States with incessant successes.
  4. With his senior researcher's insight, Dr. Huang has studied College Board questions very carefully and have come up with a systematic approach to tackle those questions. As a result, his students are trained to get to the right answers with speed and precision.
  5. Most importantly, Dr. Huang is an established author. His research articles have been published in highly prestigious journals, such as Journalism and Communication Monographs and Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies. Dr. Huang has served as a reviewer for college application essays, graduate school application essays, grant applications, conference papers, journal manuscripts, and book manuscripts numerous times since 1998. He is a tough reader who rigorously controls the quality of any final product. He has helped his students win huge national awards in national essay competitions several times. He may make you feel frustrated in the process of preparing your college applications, but such frustrations are very likely to be rewarded with the congratulations from your dream schools, as many of his high school students in the past have demonstrated.
  6. Dr. Huang has a PhD degree and has more than 30 years of university teaching experience.
  7. Finally, I) counselors from several local high schools have sent their own kids to Dr. Huang's class and recommended the class to their students; II) many parents in those large cities, such as San Jose, Boston, and Houston, have sent their kids to Dr. Huang's class even though those cities have a big number of similar services; III) even a counselor from a famous West Coast SAT/ACT preparation school sent her own kid and several other kids to Dr. Huang's class. All these parents have learned from Dr. Huang's many successes that he can truly and solidly help his students achieve their goals.

Who have benefited or are benefiting from SEEC?

  • SEEC students come from all around the United States, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan
  • The class has attracted students from different ethnic groups. 
  • High school students, even some highly motivated and talented 5th-8th graders have been trained in this class. 
  • Every year, SEEC enrolls some of the most brilliant students while some other students are still trying to achieve academic maturity. Both types of students can greatly benefit from this class so long as they are willing to learn so that they can remember, truly understand, and apply what they have learned.
  • SEEC has been a talent hot bed for students who wish to excel.

    Who should consider attending SEEC?

    • Any student who is highly motivated can attend SEEC no matter what your current preparedness for SAT/PSAT or ACT is. However, most students in the class are 8th graders or above.

    What kind of reputation does SEEC have?

    • SEEC has been routinely recommended by SEEC students and their parents. Dr. Huang has hardly advertised it. He wins over new students through his quality teaching.
    • SEEC is included in the Carmel High School, Fishers High School, and Fishers Hamilton Southeastern High School Adult Tutors lists. Dr. Huang went through police background check on a routine basis. 
    • SEEC is routinely recommended by counselors at Carmel High School, Carmel, Indiana; Hamilton Southeastern High School, Fisher, Indiana; Heritage Christian School, Indianapolis, Indiana; and International School of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Indiana.