Commands Interface

The SARK-110 implements a USB composite device comprising a mass storage class for accessing to the internal disk and a custom HID interface allowing sending commands to the device. The advantage of the selected USB classes is that they are available for the common operating systems: Windows, MAC OS, and Linux; without the need of installing drivers.

Windows DLL

In order to facilitate the development of client software, it is provided a Windows DLL including its source code. This DLL can be called from different programming environments, such as Microsoft Visual C# as in SARK Plots client case. Besides, the DLL source code can be taken directly to be used from a C++ application.

The source code is available in GitHub; see sark110_dll

Linux Server

The initial purpose of this project was connecting the SARK-110 antenna analyzer to a Raspberry PI and access to it from another computer via the network interface; e.g. from SARK Plots running on a Windows computer. The Windows DLL supports communicating with this server. It has been tested on a Raspberry PI running Raspbian, but it should work in other computers running distinct Linux distros. Besides, the source code can be used for the developing of a native client for Linux.

The source code is available in GitHub; see sark110-srv-linux