About Me

My approach is to work with the developing relationship between myself and the client. Based on Bowlby's attachment theory in particular as well as other developmental theories, I believe that it is through the relationship between therapist and client that healing takes place.
I hold a particular interest in the area of trauma and how we can heal from the overwhelming impact trauma has on the individual. 

My Training and Experience

Presently I am training in Sensorimotor psychotherapy, which is a therapy that works with the body to heal traumatic memories. Sometimes talk therapy is not enough to help a client heal traumatic memories and/or symptoms. Sensorimotor therapy includes working with the body (symptoms) in order to complete what couldn’t happen at the time of the trauma.
Trauma can have an overwhelming effect on the body so that symptoms can show up somatically (in the body).

”Modernity has brought with it...a split between what we know with our whole being and what our thinking mind accepts as truth. Of these two kinds of knowledge the latter, narrower, kind most often wins out, to our loss” Gabor Mate from his book ‘When the Body says No’

I trained at the Sherwood Institute in Nottingham where I gained a Masters degree (MSc) in Integrative Psychotherapy and counselling.
I completed a 1 year IoPT (trauma) training course in 2016 with Vivian Broughton in London.
I am accredited with the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy). 

MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling
EMDR Therapist 
Advanced Diploma in Family Systems Therapy
Post graduate certificate in Emotional Education
TA 101 (Transactional Analysis)
Introduction to Gestalt Psychotherapy
BSc in Nursing
Sleep Practitioner

Continuing Professional Development
Training I have recently attended includes:
  • EMDR / Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing. Level 3.
  • 5 day training course held in Munich (2016) in the IoPT method (trauma work) run by Franz Rupert, author of Early Trauma
  • Anger Rage and Relationship. 3 day workshop with Sue Parker Hall
  • Making Trauma Therapy Safer: Training course with Babette Rothschild (author of The Body Remembers)
  • Family Systems Constellations Workshop: Group workshops with Vivian Broughton (author of The Heart of Things)
  • Personality Disorders Training: Training course run by KUF (Knowledge and Understanding Frameworks)
  • Working Therapeutically with clients with Autism and Asperger Syndrome
I continue to develop my knowledge and skills by undertaking regular continuing professional development through training and supervision which is required as part of my practice. I am an accredited member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and adhere to its strict code of ethics and professional practice, and to that provided by the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute (SPTI).