My Research


- Regulating National Firms in a Common Market under Asymmetric Information, Economic Modelling, Forthcoming 2017

- Vertical Integration and Downstream Collusion, with David Ettinger International Journal of Industrial Organization, Forthcoming 2017

- Powering  Up Developing Countries through Integration?, with Emmanuelle Auriol, The World Bank Economic ReviewVol 29 (1), Pages 1-40, Janvier 2015.

- Behind the Scenes of the Telecommunications Miracle: an Empirical Analysis of the Indian MarketTelecommunications Policy, Vol 35, Issue 3, 238-249, April 2011

- Market Integration with Regulated National Champions: Winners, Losers, and Cooperationin "Industrial Policy for National Champions" edited by C. Gollier, O. Falck, and L. Woessmann, MIT Press2011.

- Incomplete Regulation, Competition and Entry in Increasing Returns to Scale Industries, Journal of Public Economic Theory, Vol 12, issue 6, 1003-1026, November 2010.

- Alternating Monopoly and Tacit Collusion, with Andrea Amelio, Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol 58, Issue 2, 402-423, June 2010.

- Il debito pubblico dall’Unità ad oggi, with Roberto Artoni, in Ciocca P. e G. Toniolo (a cura di), Storia Economica d’Italia, Laterza, Bari (in Italian).

Working Papers and Projects:

- Universal Intellectual Property Rights: Too Much of a Good Thing?, with Emmanuelle Auriol, and Rodrigo Paillacar, mimeo 2017

- Intellectual Property Rights and Trade: An Empirical Analysis, with Emmanuelle Auriol, and Rodrigo Paillacar, mimeo 2017

Mission Drift in Microcredit and Microfinance Institutions Incentives, with David Ettinger and Baptiste Venet (Université Dauphine), CESifo Working Paper Series No. 6332.

Intellectual Property Rights, Multinational Firms and International Technology Transfers, with Pamela Bombarda, THEMA Working Paper Series No 2017-16.

Peer-to-Peer and Peer-to-Business Credit Platforms, with Marianne Verdier(CRED Université Paris 2), Research Project.