UPDATE: an updated and extended version of this work is available at http://bit.ly/sdprom2

This page provides supplementary materials for the paper 

that has been published at BPMDS 2018

Our approach is illustrated as follows:

Below are some screenshots of our ProM plug-in (click the picture to see more details):

If you use our work (e.g., our software) please cite this work. 
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This research has been supported by the Euregio IPN12 “KAOS: Knowledge-Aware Operational Support” project, which is funded by the “European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino” (EGTC) under the first call for basic research projects. The author thanks Tri Kurniawan Wijaya for various suggestions on this work, and Yasmin Khairina for the implementation of some prototype components.