San Jose Dojo Instructors

Johnny Martin, Dojo Leader

Johnny started with SKA in 1980 when a student at California State College, south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. On rediscovering SKA again on the west coast, Johnny resumed practice with the Saratoga Dojo. Johnny was promoted to nidan in 2013.

Kevin Floyd, Nidan

Kevin started practicing at Cal State Long Beach in 1987. Kevin was promoted to shodan in 1990, and currently holds the rank of nidan. Outside the dojo, Kevin does technical marketing with Cisco Systems and takes care of his family.

Steve Gong, Nidan

Steve holds the rank of nidan and trains with Saratoga Dojo where he is also one of the lead instructors. Steve is a civil engineer employed by the State of California. In addition to filling in for San Jose Dojo's regular instructors, from time to time Steve and his son, David, join our practice and help keep the fighting spirit strong.