Research background:

    My research, so far, has primarily focused on learner language and how to improve on our (corpus-based) understanding of cognitive mechanisms in interlanguage (IL) varieties. In that regard, I have developed a particular interest in investigating co-occurrence patterns and identifying what cognitive factors cause those patterns to emerge in IL. Theoretically, my research is based on the two cognitive-linguistic assumptions that (i) the shape of grammar emerges from language use and (ii) that language is a cognitively motivated task. I also recognize the usage-based correlation between speakers' mental knowledge of linguistic items and their uses in grammatical contexts. Methodologically, I have found that such correlation is best explored quantitatively by combining multifactorial statistical techniques which, ultimately, are necessary to explain the emergence and the characteristic aspect of grammatical patterns in second language production.

    Research interests:

    - corpus-based language enquiry- modality
    - interlanguage
    - psychological aspects of language acquisition and use
    - second language acquisition and use

    (Last updated: September 10, 2018)