Board Members

Each June, the San Diego Iris Society elects/re-elects officers to serve on the Board of Directors for the upcoming term (July 1-June 30). Individuals serving on the board generously volunteer their time and effort, and we appreciate all they do for our society. This year's Board of Directors is composed of the following elected officers:

Elected Officers

President - Claire Scheider

Immediate Past President - Katharina Notarianni

Vice President - Bill Molnar

Treasurer - Janis Shackelford

Secretary - Olga Batalov

The Board has appointed the following individuals who have generously volunteered their time for specific society committees or services:

Appointed Committee Chairs

Editor - Claire Schneider

Librarian and Historian and Facebook - Mary Hanson

Membership - Janis Shackelford

Nominating Committee - Edith Schade

Photographer - Claire Schneider, Patti Anderson, Katharina Notarianni

Publicity - Patti Anderson

Show Co-Chairs - Janis Shackelford

Table Treasures - Bill Molnar

Webmaster - Katharina Notarianni