I am a Lecturer in Economics at the University of Reading. 

My primary research interests lie in the area of applied microeconomics, with a focus on gender issues, and health and human capital attainment.

My ongoing and future research aims to study relationships at the household level, focusing on :
  • Domestic violence - causes and consequences
  • Maternal education, female labour supply and child human capital and health
  • Environmental shocks and human capital attainment
  • Social mobility, and transmission of health and education across generations
For details on my publications and working papers, see my research page.  

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two daughters Ada and EleanorI have a variety of interests, including running, playing computer games, knitting and baking. Back in the day when I had more time to cook and no small children to please, I used to maintain a blog of vegetarian recipes.