Please note: I am on maternity leave until March 2021.

I am an Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Reading, having previously completed my PhD at the University of Bristol in 2011.

For details on my publications and working papers, see my research page.

My primary research interests lie in the area of applied microeconomics, with a focus on economics of the household, gender, and health and human capital attainment.

In particular, my current research focuses on:

  • Domestic violence - causes and consequences

  • Maternal education, female labour supply, fertility. and child human capital and health

  • Environmental shocks and health/human capital

  • Transmission of health and education across generations

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband and our three daughters Ada, Eleanor, and Renata. I have a variety of interests, including running, playing computer games, knitting and baking. Back in the day when I had more time to cook and no small children to please, I used to maintain a blog of vegetarian recipes.