Salvatore Morelli 
(DPhil U. of Oxford)
Visiting Assistant Professor & ARC Distinguished Fellow  at The Graduate Center - CUNY (New York). 
Research Associate - CSEF  (University of Naples, Federico II) 
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smorelli [at] gc.cuny.edu
twitter @MorelliSal 
Office: +1 (212) 817-1856


Publications & Working Papers

UPDATED: The Concentration of Wealth in the UK over More than a Century,  Aug 2017, (with F. Alvaredo and A.B. Atkinson)  
[Working paper - APPENDIX]
[Dec 2016 LONGER version: CEPR discussion paper CSEF wp]

CHAPTER: Rising inequality and economic stability, (spring 2017) in “After Piketty: the Inequality Agenda post-Capital in the 21st Century”, eds. H. Boushey, B. DeLong and M. Steinbaum, Harvard University Press (HUP).
In the Media/blogosphere: {Washington Center for Equitable Growth}; 
Video: {Launch event at CUNY - May 2017}

The Chartbook of Economic Inequality (with A.B. Atkinson, J.Hasell, and M. Roser), April 2017, INET Oxford working paper 2017-10 
[Paper /
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In the Media/blogosphere: {Financial Times La Repubblica / FT blog / FT blog/  WSJ / Reuters }; 
Previous versions: (with A.B. Atkinson), Mar 2014, [ECINEQ wp]    
 (with A.B. Atkinson), 2012,
[INET Research notes #5]

The Challenge of Measuring UK Wealth Inequality in the 2000s,  Mar 2016, Fiscal Studies (with F. Alvaredo and A.B. Atkinson)  
[CEPR discussion paper  / LSE-III wp CSEF wp / Published paper]

CHAPTER: Post-1970 trends in within-country inequality and poverty: rich and middle income countries, Jan 2015, Handbook of Income Distribution Vol. 2A, pp. 596-693 (with T. Smeeding and J.P. Thompson), Elsevier B.V.  (eds. A. Atkinson and F. Bourguignon)
[Handbook page][CSEF wp]

Inequality and Crises Revisited, Feb 2015, Economia Politica - Journal of Analytical and Institutional Economics (with A.B. Atkinson) 
[CSEF wp
/ Published paper]

Banking Crises in the US: the Response of Top Income Shares in a Historical PerspectiveApr 2014,
[CSEF wp]  

Policy and other publications

ITLe Disuguaglianze Economico-Sociali in Italia - Tre Workshops per l'esplorazione di analisi, quesiti irrisolti e traiettorie di ricerca future. 
(Testo redatto per la Fondazione Basso, Roma), Settembre 2016. [ pdf ]

Reply to Consultation about ceasing publication of HMRC's Personal Wealth National Statistics, UK.  ( with F. Alvaredo, and A. B. Atkinson) [pdf]

Inequality, Debt and Growth, 2012, Report for the Resolution Foundation (with P. Lucchino) [Paper]  
In the Media/blogosphere: {Financial Times / The Guardian / OECD insights}

Economic Crisis and Inequality, 2011, Human Development Research Paper, 2011/06, UNDP. Prepared for the Human Development Report 2011, UNDP, New York (with A.B. Atkinson)  [Paper] 

Income Inequality and Banking Crisis: a First Look, 2010,  report prepared for the Global Labor Forum 2011 (ILO) in Turin. (with A.B. Atkinson) [Paper]