Salvatore Morelli

email: smorelli [at] - Office phone number: +1 (212) 817-1856 - twitter: @MorelliSal

Visiting Assistant Professor & ARC Distinguished Fellow at The Graduate Center - CUNY (New York).

Core Faculty at Stone Center on Socio-Economic Inequality - CUNY (New York)

Research Associate - CSEF (University of Naples, Federico II)


Top Wealth Shares in the UK over More than a Century, 2018

Journal of Public Economics, (with Facundo Alvaredo and Anthony B. Atkinson)


[LONGER version: CEPR discussion paper / CSEF wp]


Banking Crises in the US: the Response of Top Income Shares in a Historical Perspective, 2018

Journal of Economic Inequality

[LONGER version : CSEF wp]


CHAPTER: Wealth Inequality, 2018

forthcoming in “Generating Prosperity for Working Families in Affluent Countries” (with Brian Nolan and Philippe Van Kerm)

ed. Brian Nolan, Oxford University Press (OUP).


CHAPTER: Rising inequality and economic stability, 2017

in “After Piketty: the Inequality Agenda post-Capital in the 21st Century”, eds. H. Boushey, B. DeLong and M. Steinbaum, Harvard University Press (HUP).

In the Media/blogosphere: {Washington Center for Equitable Growth};

Video: {Launch event at CUNY - May 2017}


The Chartbook of Economic Inequality, 2017

INET Oxford working paper 2017-10 (with Anthony B. Atkinson, Joe Hasell, and Max Roser),

[Paper / DATA xls / Interactive Website]

In the Media/blogosphere:{FT/La Repubblica / FT blog/FT blog/WSJ/Reuters};

Previous versions: (with A.B. Atkinson), Mar 2014,[ECINEQ wp];

(with A.B. Atkinson), 2012, [INET Research notes #5]


The Challenge of Measuring UK Wealth Inequality in the 2000s, 2016

Fiscal Studies (with Facundo Alvaredo and Anthony B. Atkinson)

[CEPR discussion paper/LSE-III wp/CSEF wp/Published paper]


CHAPTER: Post-1970 trends in within-country inequality and poverty: rich and middle income countries, 2015 Handbook of Income Distribution Vol. 2A, pp. 596-693 (with Timothy Smeeding and Jeffrey P. Thompson)

Elsevier B.V. (eds. A. Atkinson and F. Bourguignon)

[Handbook page][CSEF wp]


Inequality and Crises Revisited, Feb 2015, Economia Politica - Journal of Analytical and Institutional Economics (with Anthony B. Atkinson)

[CSEF wp / Published paper]



IT: Le Disuguaglianze Economico-Sociali in Italia - Tre Workshops per l'esplorazione di analisi, quesiti irrisolti e traiettorie di ricerca future, 2016

(Testo redatto per la Fondazione Basso, Roma), Settembre 2016. [ pdf ]


Reply to Consultation about ceasing publication of HMRC's Personal Wealth National Statistics, UK, 2016

(with F. Alvaredo, and A. B. Atkinson) [pdf]


Inequality, Debt and Growth, 2012

Report for the Resolution Foundation (with P. Lucchino) [Paper]

In the Media/blogosphere: {Financial Times / The Guardian / OECD insights}


Economic Crisis and Inequality, 2011

Human Development Research Paper, 2011/06, UNDP. (with A.B. Atkinson).

Prepared for the Human Development Report 2011, UNDP, New York [Paper]


Income Inequality and Banking Crisis: a First Look, 2010

report prepared for the Global Labor Forum 2011 (ILO) in Turin. (with A.B. Atkinson) [Paper]

In the Media/blogosphere: {NYTimes Economix blog / The Economist / Harvard Kennedy Sch, Rappaport Inst / Adam Smith Inst / The Atlantic / The Atlantic Wire



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20 Mar 2014 (Inequality&History Blog)- Are we all in this together? the new Chartbook of Economic Inequality - (with T. Atkinson)

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