Here are some photos of various projects conducted by the Salt Box Association to preserve and maintain the Salt Boxes beach on Bass River

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Beach Replenishment 2008

View of Salt Boxes beach in 2007

This sad beach needed some work so...

after one and a half years of permitting we get a new beach!

a nice new beach with fresh beach sand

Yep. The kind you can use to make sand castles!

Thanks to former President Louis Correnti for all his efforts to work with the BSC Group to get local, state and Federal permits necessary to give us our beach back ... and just in time for July 4th weekend.

New Stairs 2007

Rebuilt existing stairs from Fairway Road to private beach

Special thanks to Mike Kearney, Chris Johnson and George Zitzmann

New floats 2006

Replacement of existing North and South dock floats

North Dock

South Dock

as approved by majority vote by the members of the Salt Box Association, Inc.