Welcome to my website. I am a Senior Economist at the Bank of England in the Research Hub.  I joined the Bank in Autumn 2014 following the completion of my PhD at the University of Cambridge. I also hold an MPhil from Cambridge and a BSc from the London School of Economics.

This website is used to disseminate my research publicly.

Personal e-mail: saleembahaj@googlemail.com

Working Papers:

Home Values and Firm Behaviour with Angus Foulis and Gabor Pinter
(latest version August 2017)
This paper was previously circulated under the title "The Residential Collateral Channel".

(latest version March 2017)
Revisions requested at the Journal of Finance
This is a substantially revised version of our working paper "Jon Bridges and Cian O'Neill.

(latest version October 2014)
Revisions requested at the Journal of Monetary Economics
Please contact me to obtain the narrative data set used in this paper.


Work in progress:
Deconstructing the fiscal multiplier with Pontus Rendahl.
Productive and Unproductive Leverage with Angus Foulis, Peter Gal and Gabor Pinter.
Monetary Policy and the Firm: Some Empirical Evidence with Angus Foulis and Gabor Pinter.
The Collateral Channel and Banking Relationships with Gareth Anderson, Matthieu Chavaz, Angus Foulis, and Gabor Pinter.