"Sacred Land, Sacred Water is a celebration of the soul of New Mexico!"

~ District 1, Sandoval County Commissioner James Holden-Rhodes

The beauty, grandeur, history and science in this exquisite documentary speaks for itself. What brought me to tears was watching the very best of human beings unfold before me. Buried beneath the impassioned pleas of ordinary people on behalf of their irreplaceable water, was the powerful theme of redemption. What was that intangible force that drew the commissioners back to their people - an ancient memory that binds us together for the sake of future generations and is heard in the rhythm of water? ~ Dorothy Holasek

I saw this really beautiful 48 min. film tonight: Sacred Land, Sacred Water, Confluences in the Rio Grande Valley. See it! Well paced, gorgeous photography, indisputable facts. Beautifully balances idiot-proof science and top-level maps and graphics with perspectives from diverse cultures and dedicated individuals, as well as strong community organizing and a deep love of our awesome New Mexico natural world. Residents of Sandoval and Bernalillo counties faced and won against amazing odds over the issue of fracking in an incredibly vulnerable geological area. This is once again an urgent topic, as it's coming up again. Watch and learn!

~ Jennifer Viereck

She only had enough money to buy water bottles for herself, and she couldn't afford to buy enough water bottles for her horses. She was collecting the horses so they don't die and she was really upset about fracking. It made me feel really good that she was collecting the horses and keeping them alive. But, it kinda made me sad a little bit because she might not be able to solve it. I got really scared for her, too."

~ Melody, 7 years old, speaking about Sally Hall, who rescues horses, and is featured in the film

The film was beautifully crafted from beginning to end. It was such an inspiration to watch the development of a successful movement of the people, a campaign that ultimately, through hard work and much impassioned testimony, accomplished what had been considered impossible. The background song was haunting. . . the passion and courage of the speaker activists moving. . . the footage of Water as the film closed - no words, just flowing water, just water - I felt so soothed by that. The whole of the film had been a tribute to and an honoring of not only water but the indigenous cultures that are sustained by it. ~ Carolyn Shaw

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