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The Multimedia Documentary Film
SACRED LAND, SACRED WATER: Confluences in the Rio Grande Valley
53 minutes

SLSW V2.6 Final Cut 1280 ‎[1280x720]‎ ‎(June 09 2019)‎.mov

This site provides information about the film, and resources for acting to protect your water, and for resisting the oil and gas industry's intention to conduct horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracking in the Albuquerque Basin.

The immediate goal of the film is to inform residents and policy makers in the greater Albuquerque area about this oil and gas threat to our drinking water.  It’s critical for everyone to learn about the unique subsurface geology of the Rio Grande Rift Valley so they understand the imminent peril that fracking anywhere in the Basin poses to the area’s sole drinking water aquifer for the entire population of the Albuquerque Basin.

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