Sacred Cow Tipping !

About Sacred Cow Tipping

A sacred cow is basically a belief that is held so high in belief that it isn't open to questioning or criticism. Cow tipping is a mostly urban myth about tipping over sleeping cows at night. The idea behind this group is that we're willing to tip over sacred cows, i.e. willing to question beliefs that sometimes are considered too controversial to discuss.

We’ve been Muslims, Jews, Baptists, former Baptists, atheists, former Catholics, members of the LGBTQcommunity, people from different countries, and just plain people who questioned issues like multiple attitudes/actions religious groups have toward homosexuality, Muslim/Christian relations, the nature of scripture, doubts, separation of religion/state, and several others.

We agree to not tell each other they were going to hell, to be open to hearing someone from another perspective, to not be prejudiced, to be open to disagree, to say what we think, to not be expected to be an expert, and whatever it takes to make it a safe place to dialogue.