Super Mario 64: Easy Edition

Here is a Super Mario 64 hack I made, IT IS NOT complete (but one day it will be). Basically it is a minor (IMO) ROM hack (please do not ask for ROMs) that I made that makes the game super easy to get all of the stars. I order to use it you must have an extended (U) SM64 ROM. There is one more thing, the Bob-omb King (A.K.A. the first star) is semi hard to get to (ironic right? XD), I moved some warps around to get to him (see video if you want to see where) (fixed in v0.2), I also moved some warps in other levels, see if you can find them all! (I'm not sure if I reverted this in v0.2 or in my current changes) If you are having trouble getting something tell me on the main page and I will tell you where it is. I should probably also note that some hires-textures (mostly Mario ones) may not work, sorry.

Here is how to apply the patch:
1. Get a SM64 ROM (I can't say where or how)
2. Extend with VL-Tone's ROM extender
3. Apply the "Super Mario 64_Super Easy Edition.ppf" file to that ROM with PPF-O-Matic

Also make sure you set your emulator memory size to 8MB.

Change log!!1!

v0.2: Moved a bunch of stuff back to its original position (this is suppose to be easy, not completely different :P), made more stars easier to get, that kind of stuff :P

v0.1: Initial Release

Todo log!!1!

1. Make a log!!1! that shows how much of what level it done.

2. Finish up more levels :D

Here is a mirror for the .ppf

Here is a video (out dated as of v0.2):

Here are some pics (removed outdated ones): The pics are dead D:!

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© 2012 by ExtremeDude2
I am not affiliated with Nintendo or Mario in anyway and this game is simply so modifications I have made for fun.

Super Mario 64_Super Easy Edition v0.2.ppf
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Mar 4, 2012, 6:09 PM
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